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The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a country in need of healing. Its people still suffer from the wounds caused by the decade-long conflict known as the Second Congo War that left 5.4 million dead and 2.7 million displaced. Added to the casualties of war are nearly 2 million women who were victims of rape and thousands of child-solders (under the age of 18) who now suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Malawi is a landlocked country in southern Africa. It is one of smallest countries in Africa and numbered among the world’s least-developed countries. The economy depends on agriculture with the majority of the population – 80% – living in rural areas, and over 50% of the total population living under the poverty line.

For the majority of Malawians, the Bible is a luxury they can’t afford. They can only pray for a Bible of their own, trusting God to provide.

Here in Canada, it’s hard for us to imagine being persecuted for our faith, but Egyptian Christians live it every day. On Palm Sunday alone, two separate bombings claimed the lives of 45 worshipers and wounded 126 more. Despite their grief and pain, Christians are determined, more than ever, to hold firmly to their faith. Please make a gift today to provide the much-needed Bibles to strengthen the Church in Egypt.

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At 150, Canada is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of economy and influence. This position has allowed the Canadian Bible Society to be a valuable partner in the global Bible work of the United Bible Societies. While our ministry in Canada continues, we are also making the Bible available overseas. Your support today will ensure that God’s Word will continue to touch hearts and lives in Canada and around the world.

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There is an epidemic ravaging Central America. It is not a biological disease… It is not hunger… It is not civil war… It is domestic violence.

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Human trafficking is a violation of one’s rights and dignity. It’s a crime against humanity. And it’s a crime against God who created men and women in His likeness. Right now, thousands of victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse in Guatemala and Ghana are crying out for help.  Please reach out in compassion to those who are suffering right now by making God’s Word available to them and providing opportunities for them to find healing through Bible-based trauma healing workshops.