Scriptures for Literacy and Listening Programs

Working in: Niger and Uzbekistan

A huge part of the Bible Society work is translating, producing and distributing God’s Word. However, it doesn’t end there; Bible Societies also provide ways for people to engage with the Bible. But how can they engage with the Bible and make it a part of their daily lives if they can’t read?

Through literacy and listening programs, this is possible. The Canadian Bible Society currently works with the Bible Societies in Haiti and Uzbekistan to help unfold the message of the Bible by teaching people to read or by providing tools for people to hear God’s Word in their language.

Niger: Proclaimer

In some parts of the world, Bible engagement is carried out through group listening programs. This is effective particularly in rural areas of Niger. Through the Bible Society’s partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing, the Bible is heard in people’s heart languages through a device called Proclaimer. A Proclaimer deviceGod’s Word is powerful and those who hear are convicted, strengthened, and can experience a more meaningful spiritual walk.

As one man from Niger testifies, “My spiritual life has been transformed from the time I started listening to the Word through the Proclaimer. Before, it was very hard for me to forgive people who offend me, even if they ask for forgiveness. Now it is completely different. I am able to forgive; my relationship with other people has completely changed.”

Uzbekistan: Northern Uzbek Bible in Audio Format

In 2017, the full Bible was published in Northern Uzbek, the national language of the Republic of Uzbekistan. With 25-30 million speakers, Northern Uzbek is the largest non-Slavic language in the Commonwealth of Independent States, and one of the largest ethnic groups in the world, which, until recently, did not have a translation of the Scriptures. The project was the culmination of work that began in the 1970s.

There are large communities of Uzbeks living outside of Uzbekistan who do not have access to education in Uzbek and are not able to read their language well. Having the Bible available in audio format would make the translation accessible to the population in a way that is well received and understood.

What your gift of $50 can do:
  • $70 will provide an audio Bible called Proclaimer to those who can’t read but long to hear God’s Word.

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