Bible Sunday

Celebrating God’s Word in Canada!

What if we don’t have access to the Bible? What is our Christian walk like without reading God’s Word?

For millions of people, they don’t have to wonder; it is their reality. It is true in Cuba where Christians had to share a few copies of the Bible for an entire congregation; it is true in China where people walk for miles to get their own copy of the Bible; and it is true in many parts of Africa where, during ceremonies for new Bible translations, people literally cry when they finally read the Bible in their own language.

Bible Sunday provides an opportunity for churches and individuals to recognize the blessing of having God’s Word readily available in Canada anytime… anywhere.

This year, Bible Sunday focuses on Bible Translation, a ministry of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) that helps make the Bible understandable in people’s heart language. This is a very exciting time for CBS’ Translation work among Canada’s indigenous peoples and diaspora communities. There is renewed hope for the revitalization of language and culture, centered around the translation of and engagement with the Scriptures. CBS works with partners to translate and revise Bibles, New Testaments, and Bible portions in the indigenous languages of Canada, and diaspora communities. These partners include speakers of the language, local organizations, and local and national churches.

You are invited to join us and celebrate Bible Sunday 2018 in your church on October 21 or another Sunday of your choice.

CBS has prepared resources to help your church celebrate God’s Word. Register today to receive the Bible Sunday resource kit.