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Rebecca’s* story: No turning back

I work in the bookstore of the Canadian Bible Society. We sell many Bibles in different languages. On any given day, I may meet people from 6 to 8 different countries – many are converts from different religions. Whenever they visit our store, we do our best to encourage them in their Christian walk. I…
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What two major conferences reveal about millennials and Gen Z

There’s much concern and talk amongst Christian leaders about millennials and Gen Z young adults and youth. Are they interested in the Church? Are they invested in God’s calling for His Kingdom cause? Are they really that self-absorbed and superficial? How can we reach them? How can we inspire them to live for Christ? At…

Christmas Message

A Christmas message from CBS National Director, Rev. Dr. Rupen Das. For centuries God had remained mysterious and hidden, occasionally revealing Himself through miracles and wonders. Then, about two thousand years ago, God made an astounding announcement to a young carpenter about a child whose name would be Emmanuel – meaning God with us. How…

A Godly Encounter

I have given out Bibles before and seen varied reactions from people receiving them – from quiet appreciation to wide-eyed gratitude. But I’ve never seen such incredible enthusiasm from someone who received their Bible for the first time until recently. A week ago, I traveled to Edmonton to speak about the work of the Canadian…