Set Free From Compulsive Gambling!

Claude Girard from Quebec City has been married for 45 years. Miraculously, his wife has stuck with him, even though she found herself married to a compulsive gambler who resorted to lying, cheating and stealing in order to assuage his uncontrollable compulsion for gambling. One thing one needs to know is that gaming on a…

A Godly Encounter

I have given out Bibles before and seen varied reactions from people receiving them – from quiet appreciation to wide-eyed gratitude. But I’ve never seen such incredible enthusiasm from someone who received their Bible for the first time until recently. A week ago, I traveled to Edmonton to speak about the work of the Canadian…
Man reading a Bibletestimony

God’s Word Impacts Proclamation Participants

Proclamation is the reading of God’s Word aloud in public and in its entirety from beginning to end, traditionally over a 10-day period. Reading schedules, integrating Old Testament readings with Psalms and Proverbs and New Testament readings, have been developed. This event is usually concluded with a Festival of Praise where participating churches come together for…