Canadian Indigenous Translations

Thousands of Canadians speak indigenous languages and many Canadian indigenous peoples are developing programs to revitalize language use in their communities. In some instances very few published materials are available, in print or in audio formats. Having the Scriptures translated and published both contributes to the survival of the language and provides a foundation for further literary activity.

Some translations of the Bible into indigenous languages already exist, but many of these are outdated. The earliest translation of a Bible portion into Mohawk, for example, dates from 1804 and sounds strange to modern ears. When translators prepare Bible selections today, they ensure that the translation sounds clear and natural, in the way the language is currently spoken.

The Canadian Bible Society works with partners to publish Bibles, New Testaments, and Bible portions in the indigenous languages of Canada. These partners include speakers of the language, local organizations, the local and national church, and the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

The languages listed below have Bible materials available, in print and/or by download from this website, or have translation programs in progress.


Canadian Aboriginal Languages