About the Congregational Representative Program

The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) exists to serve God and the Christian community through the actualization of its vision and mission. This is only possible through collaboration with the church-at-large. Operating with limited resources, it would seem impossible to build meaningful relationships with the faith community without the help of volunteers. The Congregational Representative (CR) Program is our attempt and approach to meeting this need. We recruit volunteer Congregational Representatives to represent the Canadian Bible Society to their church and vice versa, with a view to strengthening the faith community through the life-giving Word of God.


Congregational Representatives and CBS are serving together to transform lives as they:

  1. Promote and advance Bible use within their congregation;
  2. Communicate the mission and ministry of CBS;
  3. Encourage participation in CBS’ ministry programs; and
  4. Promote the use of CBS resources to enhance congregational ministries.

How does CBS connect with your church?

Through YOUR role as the Congregational Representative, CBS will be able to serve your church by providing:

  1. FREE Bibles for baptisms, child dedications or christenings;
  2. A variety of resources to be used in your church ministries;
  3. Special resources that encourage your church members to read and study the Bible; and
  4. Your church the opportunity to share in the translation, publishing and distribution of Scriptures that can change hearts and lives throughout the world.

Role of a Congregational Representative

  1. Maintain awareness of current CBS ministry programs through resources received from CBS, its website, publications, mailings, social media and/or other communication channels; and convey such information to his/her church.
  2. Promote, at a time convenient to the church, at least one of the items mentioned in the monthly CR newsletter sent by email.
  3. Keep track of the church’s baptism, christening, dedication and confirmation ceremonies, and request personalized Bibles for individuals participating in these ceremonies, if needed. In these occasions, CRs are expected to:
    1. Provide CBS with the following information
      • Name of church
      • Date of ceremony
      • Name of Individual
      • Age of Individual
    2. Work with CBS to pick out an appropriate Bible for the individual.
    3. Present the Bible – or assist the minister or priest in presenting the Bible – on behalf of CBS at the ceremony.
  4. Maintain awareness of his/her church’s Scripture needs (Bible products, Bible engagement interests and tools, outreach and ministry materials, etc.) and communicate such information to CBS, as well as share stories on how the Word of God has changed lives in the church.

How to get involved

Fill out our Contact Us form if you have any questions about our program. If you would like to apply to our program, download the CR package and application form and send it to info@biblesociety.ca. Completed applications received back to CBS indicate that a background check can be initiated using the information provided. Once your application is approved, we will send you a kit with a Canadian Bible Society pin indicating that you are a representative in your assembly! You will also receive our newsletter by email, which features our initiatives and resources that might be useful to your congregation.


To learn more about our Congregational Representative program, please download the following:

Congregational Representative Package [pdf]

Congregational Representative Application Form [pdf]

Contact Us

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