Your monthly gift of $15 will bring God’s Word to those hungry for its life-changing impact.

The Bible is priceless. But it’s easy to forget the millions who live every day without its guidance, wisdom and inspiration. These millions represent a vast spiritual famine – a famine God calls us all to alleviate. And that’s the reason for Bible a Month.

Bible a Month can be your way to help feed a spiritually hungry world, from right where you are.

YOUR monthly gift of $15 will bring God’s Word to those hungry for its life-changing impact.

  • BRAILLE BIBLES – Around 285 million people in the world are blind or visually impaired and have difficulty with a traditional printed Bible. A Braille Bible enables them to encounter the Living Word.
  • AUDIO BIBLES – Nearly 780 million adults worldwide have yet to be able to read. Rather than being denied the Word of God, they can hear it with the help of an audio Bible.
  • BIBLES FOR PEOPLE IN POVERTY – Over a billion people are so poor they cannot  afford a luxury such as a book. Your gift will help them access to the Word of God through ministries and churches which are tending to their needs.
  • NEW OR REVISED TRANSLATIONS – Over 4,000 languages still have little or no part of the Bible. Translations and revisions enable people to read and hear the Word of God in their everyday language. Your gift today will help expediate current translation projects around the world.

Giving Options

  • ONLINE. Click here to donate now. Simply click on the monthly option.
  • AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWALS. Make a gift through pre-authorized payments. Send a cheque marked VOID to the Canadian Bible Society at 10 Carnforth Road, Toronto, ON M4A 2S4. You may also call 1-800-465-2425 to set up automatic monthly deductions using your credit card.

For more information, e-mail info@biblesociety.ca.

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For a minimum monthly donation of $15, you will help bring the Bible to those hungry for its life-changing impact.

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