The Bible is priceless. But it’s easy to forget the millions who live every day without its guidance, wisdom and inspiration. These millions represent a vast spiritual famine – a famine God calls us all to meet. Bible-a-Month provides an avenue to help feed a spiritually hungry world, from right where we are.

A gift of $15 monthly can help change someone’s life today!

Your monthly gift of $15 will bring a Bible to those hungry for its life-changing impact. Through your gift each month:

  • Poor people – who can’t afford to buy their own Bible – will come to own the Bible they long for.
  • Cultures with oral traditions and illiterate people will hear the Good News and engage with the Scriptures through audio Bibles.
  • Millions of people will finally read the Bible in their own language through various Bible translation initiatives.

How can your gift change someone’s life?

Your monthly gift will help provide Bibles to those who are still waiting. God’s Word has power to change someone’s life and circumstance – it gives hope in times of despair, comfort in the midst of grief, guidance for those needing wisdom, and love for the unloved. Most importantly, it is through the Scriptures that they can encounter Jesus.

Through people’s generosity, the following individuals received their Bibles and experienced the transforming power of God’s Word.

Safari Oliver’s story

Safari Oliver’s father was involved in the killings during the second war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Safari hated his father for his participation in the war. At a trauma healing workshop conducted by the Bible Society, he received an illustrated Bible – his very first. And he learned about God’s love. I was delighted to know how God created me special… Genesis 1.31 comforted me with the fact that I was a joy to God who created me,” he shared.

Safari added, “I also learned that Jesus did not want me to be bitter or angry. I was angry with my father. I could not forgive him. The story of Joseph forgiving his brothers stirred my heart deeply and removed my bitterness. Now I forgive my late father. I love my illustrated Bible; the images help me understand God’s love for me.”

Codjo’s story

Codjo is a 24-year-old man from Benin, a small country in West Africa. As a youth, Codjo was a thief and he slept in cars. “I had no peace in my heart,” he shared. When he received a copy of the Bible translated into Fon, his heart language, Codjo’s life changed. “That was my first Bible. My heart was filled with joy when I received it. When I read it for the first time, it was as if God was speaking to me. I remembered my sinful past, and I knew that God still loved me.”

Being able to read the Bible without an interpreter made all the difference for Codjo. “Everywhere I go, I carry my Bible, because it is my advisor, my companion. If I hadn’t received this Bible, I might have become a bandit or I could have died physically and spiritually... but God had mercy on me and saved me.”

Giving Options

One-time gift
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  • CHEQUE. Make out a cheque to the Canadian Bible Society and mail to 10 Carnforth Road, Toronto, ON M4A 2S4
  • PHONE. Call 1-800-465-2425.
Monthly contribution
  • ONLINE. Click here to donate now. Simply click on the recurring option.
  • AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWALS. Make a gift through pre-authorized payment. Send cheque maked VOID to the Canadian Bible Society at 10 Carnforth Road, Toronto, ON M4A 2S4
  • CREDIT CARD. To set-up automatic monthly deductions using your credit card, call 1-800-465-2425 or download and send the completed form to Canadian Bible Society..

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