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Working in: China, Cuba, Kenya, Lithuania, Russia, Costa Rica and Uganda

The Bible is for everyone, that is why the Canadian Bible Society strives to make it available to all, including those with hearing and visual disabilities. In 2019, CBS will support special programs in China, Cuba, Kenya, Lithuania, Russia and Uganda, to help make the Bible available in audio, Braille and Sign Language formats.

Braille Bibles

Around the world, there are about 285 million people with visual disability. Most of them live in developing countries where resources are not readily available, including Bibles which will help them through their spiritual and emotional struggles.

Braille Bibles are expensive: one Braille Bible costs around $700! And in many places, Braille Bibles are not available in the local language. To date, the full Braille Bible is available in 40 languages only.

This year, CBS will work with China Partnership and the Bible Societies of Costa Rica and Uganda to ensure that people with visual disabilities will have access to the Word of God. Programs developed in these countries will make portions of the Bible available in Braille.

Infographic by United Bible Societies. Price in this infographic is in US dollars.

Audio Bibles

Many people with visual disabilities have encountered life-changing experiences through reading the Bible in Braille. But the majority are not Braille-literate. In some cases, audio or large print Bibles are more suitable resources, in countries like China and Uganda.

Sign Language Bibles: Breaking the Silence

In a report released by the United Bible Societies, it is stated that Deaf communities worldwide are now recognized as an unreached people group. There are over 400 sign languages and yet portions of the Scriptures have been translated so far only in 40 of these and no sign language full Bible exists.

Some Bible Societies have been working hard for many years to translate the Bible into sign language and now many more are responding to this challenge. For Deaf communities who are waiting to read and hear God’s Word, the silence is finally broken with the arrival of Sign Language Bibles.

The Bible Societies in Lithuania and Russia, and the Cuban Bible Commission, have started the production of Sign Language Bibles to develop the spiritual growth of the Deaf communities in their respective countries.

There are very few resources available for the Deaf community. Completion of the Sign Language projects will be a great encouragement for this community who, with proper training and education, can become productive members of their community, the church and society at large.

What your gift can do:
  • $100 will provide 4 audio Bibles in China and Kenya.
  • $500 can pay one deaf translator for one month, to help with “translating” Bible portions into Sign Language in Cuba, Lithuania and Russia.
  • $700 will help share one Braille Bible in China, Costa Rica, and Uganda.

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“Blind people often tell me that having the scriptures in Braille brings them dignity. They become active members of church, feel included in society and can read for themselves just how much God loves and values them,” says Emmanuel Turinawe, Project Coordinator for People with Visual Disabilities at the Bible Society of Uganda. (Photo Credit: Clare Kendall – United Bible Societies)

In Canada, CBS supplies Audio and Braille to Canadians with visual disabilities.
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