Children’s Bibles to Egypt

Help us to freely distribute Illustrated Children’s Bibles in Egypt.

From 2005 to 2012, the Bible Society of Egypt has distributed 759,000 free copies of various children’s Bibles.

The Nation of Egypt

In order for us to support our brothers and sisters in Egypt, it is important that we learn about the circumstances in which they live.

  • Egypt is home to 90 million people, living on 1 million square kilometers of historically rich land
  • When it comes to religion, Egypt is considered a Muslim Nation. In fact, over 90% of Egypt is Muslim. Coptic Christians in Egypt only represent 10% of the total population.
  • Egypt is a poor country. Due to the income of most households, resources such as Bibles are considered luxury
  • The annual income of the average Egyptian (also known as the Gross National Index) is $2,600
  • To put that into perspective, it would take the income of 17 Egyptians to make the same money as 1 Canadian citizen

As minorities in Egypt, the Christians both struggle financially and religiously to stay afloat. The heart of this project is to bring Bibles to those in need.

​Christianity in Egypt

Amidst the divisions between Muslims and Christians, and the rich and poor, this project is targeted to reaching Christian Children and Youth, who are often forgotten. When it comes to challenges such as religion and poverty, children are often neglected. One of the biggest challenges that Egyptian youth must face is very little access to Churches or Bibles.

  • 80% of Christian Children and Youth do not regularly go to church and thus have very little access to the Word of God
  • In fact, churches in Egypt can only accommodate up to 20% of all Christian citizens at once.
  • That means that 6,000,000 total Christians have difficult access to a church community
  • Additionally, Christians in Egypt have a hard time finding favour from the government to build more churches

The Illustrated Children’s Bible exists to serve the 80% who are shut off from the Holy Bible. Help us to continue our work.

“This work is changing the lives of so many, as you can see in these pictures and stories from rural Egypt. Our supporters are truly making a difference by bringing the light of God’s Word to this region. But we still need help to bring more illustrated Bibles to Egyptian children and their families. May every man, woman and child feel His strength and love!”

Ramez Atallah - General Secretary of the Bible Society of Egypt