Cuba "Million Bible Mission"

Put yourself in the shoes of an average Cuban Christian.

What would you do if there were too few Bibles to pass around? Or what if you were prohibited from proclaiming God’s Word outside of your church building? What would you do if the police drove you away when you tried to share your faith with those on the street?

Kids in CubaFor local Christians in Cuba, their response to restrictions like these is astounding. Imagine handwriting verses on small pieces of paper to share with your friends and family. When a pastor was asked what his greatest wish is, he replied, "To conquer the city for Jesus Christ!” This is the dream of many Cuban Christians, who show their resiliency in the midst of limitations.

Did you know that the Evangelical Church in Cuba has tripled in size in the last 10 years? Or that the growth of Christianity is approximately 15% each year? There is a major revival happening in Cuba. Within such a context, the Canadian Bible Society is partnering with the Million Bible Mission (MBM) in Cuba.

Cuba's Needs

This drastic shift is credited to the mobilization of the church in sharing God’s Word with the lost and providing for the social needs of Cubans who require support, counsel, guidance, and most importantly, hope. However, despite this major growth in both Protestant and Roman Catholic denominations, Cuba still struggles with a lack of printed Scriptures. Bible poverty in Cuba exists because the number of Bibles and Bible Study resources lags far behind the growth of Christianity on the island and Cubans simply cannot afford to import high quality Bibles.

With a population of 11 million people, Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. This means that there are still millions of unreached people, as well as maturing Christians in need of God’s Word. The local church in Cuba understands that true impact starts and ends with the ministry of God’s Word. This is the main passion behind MBM, which seeks to provide one million Bibles to believers in Cuba.

Support Cuba

Over the next few years, in partnership with local churches and other organizations, MBM will seek to bring God’s Word to children, youth, adults, prisoners and clergy who are all in need of Bibles. With your support, we can help bring hope to a country in need of deep restoration. Together, we can provide one million Bibles to believers in Cuba who are eagerly awaiting God’s Word.