Did you know that the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) has been providing Scriptures for the Canadian military for more than 60 years? But until 2008, CBS had only been giving copies of the New Testament.

Upon the request of the Canadian Military, CBS started printing and distributing the full Bible during the latter part of 2008. Through this ongoing program, over 84,000 Bibles were sent to brave Canadians in uniform!

God’s Word – Hope and comfort in times of conflict

Each year, CBS provides more than 10,000 Bibles to our troops. Special camouflage editions fit into the breast pockets of their uniforms – allowing soldiers to literally hold God’s Word close to their hearts. But more importantly, these Bibles help our soldiers hold the life-giving truth of Scripture in their hearts as they face dangerous missions.

According to Canadian military chaplain Padre Charles Deogratias, our soldiers are becoming more interested in spiritual matters than we could have ever imagined and he says, “Never in the last seven years of my military career have I seen soldiers request Bibles to read like they are doing now in Afghanistan.”

As the intensity of conflicts increase, so does the urgent need for Bibles. Once these brave men and women begin to engage with God’s Word, they find the comfort and hope they need to carry on.

The Scriptures carry us through difficult times. CBS is committed to sharing the life-sustaining gift of God’s Word with Canadian military personnel all over the world.

With a generous gift today, YOU will instill peace in the hearts of soldiers as they face chaos and conflict. Thank you for partnering with us to make Operation Bible a reality.

Military Resources

BIBLES. The military Bible was designed specifically for Canadian soldiers. The cover matches the camouflage of their uniforms, and the Bible is the right size to fit into their uniform breast pockets.

The cover design is based on the two camouflage patterns used by the Canadian Forces. CADPAT (Canadian Disruptive Pattern) comes in two designs: Arid (Khaki) and Temperate (Green). These patterns are patented by the Department of National Defence (DND) and used strictly for military uniforms. However, DND granted CBS permission to use them for the covers of the military Bibles. It is also interesting to note that these Bibles were not allowed to have gold stamping. In the dark, light reflected by the gold stamping might give away a soldier’s position in the field.

Military bookletsGOD UNDERSTANDS SERIES. These booklets, released just recently, were specially produced for chaplains who are ministering to servicemen struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It comes in eight titles addressing Anger, Death, Despair, Doubt, Guilt, Sadness and questions about the meaning of life and unfairness in the world.

Share God’s comfort and hope with our men and women in uniform today!

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Blessings Card

To request for a blessing card, e-mail info@biblesociety.ca or call at 1-800-465-2425. You may also download the PDF version and print the card at home. Return it to us at 10 Carnforth Rd, Toronto, ON M4A 2S4 and we will include it in our next shipment of Military Bibles.