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When you pick up a Bible, you hold in your hand the best-selling and most-read book in history. Also called “the Scriptures” and “the Word of God,” for thousands of years the Bible has rocked people’s hearts and even altered the course of empires. It is the most powerful book in the world.

The Bible Explored: A Short History

Today, all over the world, more and more people are able to read and understand the Holy Scriptures in their mother tongue.

The Bible Explored: Honest Questions. Real Answers.

No other book in the world is as widely available, as frequently read, or translated into as many languages as the Bible. Nevertheless for many people it remains a book that is misunderstood or even unknown.

The Lord Keeps You Safe

In the midst of your fears, you also need to know that God is with you – comforting and strengthening you, and assuring you with words that are repeated frequently throughout the Bible: “Don’t be afraid!”

God is Our Shelter and Strength

Scripture's stories, promises and advice were not meant for the wealthy and educated who have it all together and feel like they are on top of the world. Many of the words of comfort it contains are spoken by individuals who met with loss, calamity and heartache themselves – and surprisingly, they often speak these insightful words from the midst of their greatest trouble.

For Families Under Stress

Life seems to move at a much faster pace these days; and family stability is coming under increasing pressure from a variety of economic, educational, and emotional factors. The Bible can be helpful in eyeopening ways for people concerned about families who are trying to cope with the stresses of life together today.

Turning to God

If you are struggling with substance abuse or an out-of-control compulsive habit, you are not alone. Whether because of the impact on your own life – or on those you love – you have realized the negative effects, you know the situation is beyond your control and you’re in despair. You’re not alone. This Scripture booklet will help to guide you on a spiritual path that leads to knowing God, trusting God, inviting God into your life and moving forward under God’s direction and care. 

God's Love for Us is Sure and Strong

This booklet in the LifeWords series is a collection of Scripture passages from which a caregiver can draw strength and comfort through the power of God’s Word.