In some parts of the world, a woman’s life is filled with violence, desperation, shame, abuse and mistreatment. Many women in Arab-Israel and India live such lives and are still treated as second-class citizens. More often than not, widows, women with disabilities, the illiterate, and the elderly are treated worse than the others.

Reaching out with compassion, Bible Societies in these countries have devised Bible engagement programs that empower women. These programs introduce women to the Bible first and then open their mind to the truth that they are valuable in God’s sight and that He has a purpose in their lives. Women are also equipped with literacy skills and offered support groups to encourage them in their faith journey.

Arab-Israel: Magdalena: Empowering Galilean Women

Arab Israeli women are, in general, the most disadvantaged sector of society in the region. They are not only part of an ethno-political minority but they also live in a patriarchal community. They are expected to be silent and to hide behind their husbands. They suffer from discrimination, have less work opportunities, smaller salaries, and are less represented in highly respected jobs. Sadly, many Arab as well as Jewish women, due to lack of awareness, think that they have no value and miss out on their calling and potential.

Cawthar’s story

In 2009, the Arab-Israeli Bible Society started the Magdalena project which aims to empower women and provide them a safe place to address their emotional, spiritual and psychological needs. One of the women who were helped through this program is Cawthar.

Cawthar was forced into an arranged marriage with a man who was alcoholic and abusive. She was miserable but her family couldn’t help. At one point, Cawthar thought about committing suicide. Thankfully, a neighbour invited her to a breakfast meeting organized by partners of the Arab-Israeli Bible Society. Exhausted from her situation, she opened up to the group and asked for prayers and eventually committed her life to Christ.

This displeased her family that they threatened to kill her. But Cawthar testified, “I became brave from reading the Scriptures, especially when I read ‘if God is for us then who can be against us?’ It was a promise from God and I was not afraid to talk about my faith publicly.”

Cawthar started to pray for her family, even for her husband, who was then in prison. After a while her family began to see the changes in her life; they saw that she wasn’t angry or bitter towards her husband. “When I read the Bible I see love,” says Cawthar. “I found out that God does not distinguish between men and women or young and old. I know that God loves everyone equally without discrimination. He loves me for who I am.”

Cawthar now has a new job and a new life. She continues to attend the breakfast meetings where she learns about Jesus and her true worth as a woman.

India: Empowering widows and suffering women

Did you know that there are about 40 million widows in India? That is more than the population of Canada! Daily, these women go through difficulties that emphasize their lack of worth in their society. In India, in general, when a woman loses her husband, she loses her dignity, identity and worth. Delhi psychologist Vasantha Patri described their situation as “physically alive but socially dead.” They are invisible to society.

Counted to their number are the suffering women – those who have been abandoned or abused by their husbands. They have nowhere to go, receive no support from their family and have no hope for a better life.

In a society that shuns widows and abused women, these marginalized women are finding hope and meaning in life through God’s Word. Several years ago, the Bible Society launched a Scripture engagement program focusing on the marginalized women of India. This program uses biblical truths to help women regain their self-esteem and dignity, and teach them skills that help them become productive members of society. Furthermore, the program equips these outcasts to not only live with hope, but also become hope-givers to others.

One widow testified: Thank you very much for your concern for widows like me. As a Hindu, though I am an engineer by profession, I am nothing because I am a widow. I am considered as someone who is unlucky and therefore, my family members think that to be around me will make their life miserable. Thanks for the Bible given to me. I find that God has a special heart for people like me!”

Conversations about empowering women are now heard everywhere. This is because societies are now learning that women have much to contribute. But this only highlights what the Bible has been teaching all along: everyone, including women, have worth and value. Everyone is special in God’s sight.

Help the Canadian Bible Society and its partners continue to spread this message in Arab-Israel and India. Here’s what your support can do:

  • $50 will provide 10 Bibles to widows in their own language in India.
  • $150 will provide Scripture materials to help engage women in Arab-Israel with God’s Word

Help empower women through God’s Word in Arab-Israel and India.

Help empower women through God’s Word in Arab-Israel and India.

Gracy, 60, loved her husband and misses him terribly. She says life is very difficult for her and that she is afraid for her future. A lifelong Christian, she says she finds hope in God alone. She participates in the Bible Society of India’s program to reach out to widows and suffering women, which has been running since 2008 and reaches more than 25,000 women each year. [Photo: United Bible Societies]