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Children at Camp

For most students in Canada, March break provides a respite from learning and time to enjoy the remaining few days of Winter. For Toronto City Mission, a Christian organization that reaches out to the youth in Toronto, it is an opportunity to share about Jesus and the Bible.

A representative for Toronto City Mission shared:

At our March Break camp this year, our students were excited about learning more about Jesus. Each day we taught them a Bible lesson to help them understand who Jesus is. On day one they learned that Jesus is the Good Shepherd. On day two, they learned that Jesus is the Cornerstone. On Day three they learned that Jesus is the Living Water. On day four they learned that Jesus is the Vine. And on day five they learned that Jesus is our Perfect Brother. Many of our students were learning these things about Jesus for the first time, and even though March Break is over, they are still talking about what they learned!

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Volunteers wrapping Salvation Army New Testaments

As Christmas approaches, many Bible Society partners are busy preparing hundreds of gift bags and baskets for distribution. For CBS partners, this is an opportunity to share the Gospel with those who are considered unchurched or coming from countries where religious restrictions are imposed. CBS partners with churches and Christian organizations such as the Salvation Army and the Jesus Network by providing Bibles or New Testaments to people who may not have a way of getting their own copy.

“Right now, our Christmas outreach is running full blast,” shared Jesus Network, which distributes about 500 gift baskets every year. “Each day 30-40 families get a Christmas basket! Pray for them that they would come to know Jesus!”

The gift basket contents vary; some have the Jesus Film DVD, toys, candies and groceries. But always, they come with a copy of the Bible or New Testament.

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Hirut Alemayhu

Hirut Alemayhu hid the fact that she was HIV-positive for years, even from her daughter. But today, she is a powerful force in the fight against HIV/AIDS in her local community, particularly focusing on pregnant women.

“My revenge against HIV is that I am using all my strength to stop new infections,” she says. “I use every opportunity to talk to people about HIV/AIDS but I am especially concerned about pregnant women. I seek them out and urge them to get tested. If they have HIV, I make sure they get the right treatment and advice so they don’t pass it onto their unborn children. At one point I had 360 women on my follow-up list and they gave birth to 359 HIV-free babies!”

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Scripture Union Camps

The Canadian Bible Society (CBS), through partnership with various Christian organizations, is helping to reach the youth and children with God’s Word in summer camps. Some of the children who attend these camps are considered “unchurched” and the camps are where they learn about Jesus and the Bible for the first time.

One of CBS’ partners, Scripture Union Canada (SU), conducts summer sports camps in various communities across Ontario. Every year, they reach out to hundreds of children, coaching sports and teaching the Bible. CBS provides copies of God’s Game Plan which campers use during their Bible study time.

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Destroyed Bookshop in Egypt

Two Bible Society bookshops in Egypt were burned and destroyed in a recent attack by Muslim fundamentalists in the two largest cities in Southern Egypt. The General Director of the Bible Society of Egypt, Ramez Attalah, sent the following report:

“I have just received the sad news of the complete burning and destruction of our Bible Society’s bookshops in Assiut and Minia. These were both very beautiful, fully equipped bookshops. Fortunately we were closed today, fearing such an attack, so none of our staff were injured. The attackers demolished the metal doors protecting the bookshops, broke the store windows behind them and set the bookshops on fire. They did the same to many stores on those streets as well as demolishing many parked cars.”

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Monkman Madness

On August 24, 2013, a small group of Canadian Bible Society (CBS) supporters in British Columbia will run through the wilderness of Kinuseo Falls to help raise funds for She’s My Sistera Bible-based trauma healing program for the women and children impacted by the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

The group, led by Lisa Ramer, will run 48km through the wilderness of Kinuseo Falls in Monkman Provincial Park at the event they call Monkman Madness.

Lisa Ramer has participated in Bike for Bibles rides, an annual cycling event spearheaded by CBS. However, this year, she decided to raise funds for CBS by participating in another activity that she equally loves: running.

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Rwanda Night

On July 4, 2013, the Canadian Bible Society and Grace Rwanda sponsored a dinner celebrating the end of the 100-day Rwandan genocide 19 years ago. More than 230 people came for the celebration which featured a traditional Rwandan dinner, dance and testimonies. A silent auction was also held, with proceeds going to She's My Sister, a bible-based trauma healing program in Rwanda.

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Run for the Word

On Saturday, June 1st, 2013, people from all over New Brunswick participated in the first annual Run for the Word 1k/5k walk/run. This year, they walked/ran in support of Bible-based trauma-healing program She's My Sister. She's My Sister specializes in ministering to women and children still feeling the effects of the Rwandan Genocide almost 20 years ago. 

Overall, the event raised over $22,000.  

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The Canadian Bible Society recently released this new video explaining the role of CBS in Bible translation and distribution in Canada and around the world. The video was first released during the Canadian Youth Leader's Lunch Meetings held across Ontario.

Do you have questions about the ministry of the Canadian Bible Society? Contact us!

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She's My Sister. Treasure Her.

Canadian cyclists are gearing up for another amazing installment of one of our nation’s favourite annual cycling fundraisers, Bike for Bibles. Coordinated by the Canadian Bible Society (CBS), the event’s goal is to raise $150,000 to support trauma healing in Rwanda through “She’s My Sister”, a coalition of faith-based groups that uses Bible-based trauma-healing programs to bring hope to the most vulnerable people in war-torn Africa. The Canadian Bible Society is working to build reconciliation in the continent, giving hope, promoting peace and unity, based on the Bible and God’s love.

Bike for Bibles is cycling enthusiasts’ chance to experience fun, fellowship and fitness while changing the lives of those less fortunate. Each cyclist is asked to fundraise so that as much money can go to support the trauma healing campaign.

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