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Canadian Leadership and the Bible

A survey commissioned prior to Easter 2012 by the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies revealed that only 42 percent of those polled agreed with the statement “religion is an important part of my life”. The sad truth is that as our national and global leaders have diminished the role of faith in their own lives, they have influenced the citizens they serve to do likewise. This, of course, does not make them poor leaders – most are men and women of integrity. It simply means they haven’t discovered or encountered the truths of God’s Word in a way that has impacted their lives.

On May 30, in an effort to share the Good News with a key group of Canadian leaders, members of the legislature at the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly were each given a bilingual copy of the world’s best-selling book. Making the donations were representatives of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) including Reverend Ted Seres, CBS national director; Shirley Giberson, governor of CBS for New Brunswick; Reverend Doug Hapeman, CBS president for New Brunswick; and Reverend Dr. Lorne Freake, CBS director for Atlantic Canada.

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The German Bible Society is making the Bible translated by Martin Luther available as an e-book. This is the classic German Bible which, in the revised version of 1984 and with the later adaptation to the new German spelling system, is the official text of the German Protestant Church.

Alongside the printed edition, the Luther Bible is also already available as an audio book, in digital editions for computer or smartphone, and online at

The new e-book edition is available in ePub and Kindle formats. A list of the sites where it can be obtained in these formats is available at

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Inuktitut Text

On Sunday, June 3, in the bustling Nunavut capital of Iqaluit, an event will take place that the Inuit people have been eagerly awaiting for thirty-three years. They will finally receive the entire Bible in their own language!

‘When will we have the complete Bible?’

“Every time I visit the Arctic the people ask me, ‘When will we have the complete Bible?’ Now their question can finally be answered,” says Hart Wiens, Director of Scripture Translations, Canadian Bible Society (CBS).The Inuktitut language is the only indigenous language given recognition and status as an official language of a Canadian territory.

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Hart Wiens and Benjamin Arreak

This June, Inuit living in the eastern Arctic and northern Quebec will finally have the opportunity to read the entire Bible in their own language.

After 33 years, a team of clergy from the Anglican diocese of the Arctic has finished the monumental task of translating the Bible into Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit.

The Canadian Bible Society (CBS), which is publishing the Inuktitut Bible, has already sent the final manuscript to its translation offices in Kitchener, ON. A consecration ceremony is being planned on June 3, coinciding with the dedication service for the new St. Jude’s Cathedral in Iqaluit

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Translating the Gospel

Throughout Jewish history, devout and skilled artisans, called scribes, have carefully and precisely copied the Word of God. In ancient times unblemished animal skins and ritually purified writing utensils were painstakingly prepared and used. The scribes, who were chosen for their unwavering moral fibre, not only bathed and prayed before each writing session, they also spoke or sang the words aloud so they would thoughtfully consider each character they etched.

At the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) we humbly consider ourselves modern day scribes. No, we don’t preserve the Scriptures on lambs’ hides but all of us – from translators to administrators to support staff – take our responsibility to make Scriptures available in heart languages around the world very, very seriously. We consider each Bible our team produces to be the holy, sacred and perfect Word of God. And, because each verse was Spirit breathed, we take special care to reproduce the original meaning of the human writers as precisely as possible.

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Bike for Bibles: End the Waiting

The Bible Society’s annual Bikes for Bibles (B4B) season is about to launch as cyclists in three provinces – Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario – stretch, hydrate and finalize sponsorships to prepare for 17 scenic rides between May and October. This unique and much anticipated event brings cycling enthusiasts from across the nation together for the purpose of raising money to provide Bibles for those who eagerly await a copy in their heart language.

This year the B4B goal is to raise $100,000 to help end the waiting for those who don’t have a single book of the Bible in their own tongue. Translating the Bible is a tremendous challenge that takes up to 12 years to complete and requires the generous support of our many faithful donors. But the results are extraordinary. A recent report from the United Bible Society states, “People who, after years of reading Scripture in their second language, with all the doubts, questions and incomplete understanding it brings, now hear God speaking in their own mother tongue. (Their) delight, joy, astonishment and other feelings are rolled up together in the cry, heard so often at the launch of a new translation, ‘God speaks my language!’”

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South Sudan Bible Society Leaders

South Sudan, which split from Sudan to become the world’s newest country last July, now has its own Bible Society. The Bible Society in South Sudan was officially registered on January 24 and is already working hard to serve the Scripture needs of a country facing enormous challenges.

This month, for instance, together with American Bible Society it led a workshop to equip church leaders and others for trauma counselling – a much-needed ministry in a country wracked by two decades of civil war.

Violent conflict is far from being a thing of the past in South Sudan: there is unrest on its borders and violent clashes between ethnic groups are escalating, leaving thousands dead and many more homeless.

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Mirette Saint-Louis

Haiti regularly experiences devastating cyclones which flood many houses – and now flood the tents of those displaced by the earthquake. So what could be more appropriate than a waterproof New Testament?

Before the cyclone season returns in June, the Bible Society has undertaken to distribute all 5,000 copies of this New Testament in Haitian Creole to church leaders in the areas which are most frequently flooded.

The church leaders have welcomed the New Testament most enthusiastically.

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Canadian Bible Sociey app splashscreen

Did you know that over 99% of Canada’s population is able to access the internet and use a cell phone? And, in a recent survey conducted by, well over half of Canadian cell phone users regularly access the Internet on their mobile devices.

To ensure that God’s life-giving Word is available to the widest possible audience through the latest cutting-edge tools, a new Bible app is now free for mobile users through a partnership between CBS and Faith Comes By Hearing. By working with ministries like FCBH – an organization that provides audio Bibles in 590 heart languages – CBS is able to cost-effectively multiply its outreach in various and unique ways.

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If you thought one of the world's oldest books has been losing relevance - you may need to think again. And now adding to the many versions of the Bible is a new non-religious one. Lorna speaks with A.C. Grayling, author of "The Good Book: A Humanist Bible" and Rikki Ratliff pays a visit to the Rare Book Room at the Canadian Bible Society with Dr. Mark Steinacher, professor of Christian History.

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