Adventure for Life Bible

Camper with Adventure for Life Bible

“I am 16 years old and I have never touched a Bible. But at Teen Camp, I got to touch a Bible for the first time in my life!”

This is one of the stories shared with the Canadian Bible Society by a camp counselor last summer. Through the ministry of the Canadian Bible Society and its partnership with kids/teen camps across Canada, many children and young people are encountering God’s Word for the first time.

Last year, CBS produced the Adventures for Life specifically for partners conducting summer camps and VBS programs across Canada. This partnership has changed the way kids/teen camps conducted their Bible studies. While inIn previous years, Bibles were given as going-home gifts at the end of the week, but nowthis time the Bibles were are gifted at the beginning of the week so that they could can be used in chapel, cabin devotions, and free time. A camp worker wrote: “What a blessing it was to see campers walking back and forth from their cabins to the chapel with Bibles in hand!” The counselors reported seeing their campers reading the Bible during their free time and asking questions about what they had read during cabin discussions.

CBS currently partners with 39 camps through OneHope Canada and 46 other camps.*

* Numbers as of October 10, 2017