Key to Freedom

The Canadian Bible Society has a long history of providing scriptures for people in prison. Almost every day, a request is made to a Prison chaplain - and inmates - for a Bible. 

The need is great!

A corrections chaplain recently told Canadian Bible Society that he could give away at least 55 Bibles every week! Those numbers are staggering when you consider that is one institution in one city. On any given day there are more than 37,000 people in federal institutions and many others in provincial jails and half-way houses.

Clearly, prisoners are turning to God's Word in their need for comfort, hope and love. 

The Canadian Bible Society and the Prison Fellowship of Canada worked together to produce a Bible that's specifically designed to address the needs of prisoners. The result of this partnership is the prison ministry Bible, Key to Freedom.

The Key to Freedom Bible was developed to address the huge need across Canada. It is unique in several ways:

  • The name Key to Freedom was chosen by those who are presently incarcerated
  • The stories of how the Bible changes lives come from people who are currently in prison
  • The foreword is written by Pierre Allard, former Chaplain General and Assistant Commissioner of Corrections Canada
  • It is in the easy-to-read Contemporary English Version and contains helps for those with little understanding about the Bible
  • It is the only Bible designed for prison ministry in Canada

If you would like to help put God`s Word in the hands of prisoners today, you can:

1) Pray…

  • For the prisoners, that they will have the hunger for the Word of God
  • For the prison chaplains, that they will effectively share God`s Word
  • For resources so that the Canadian Bible Society will be able to respond to the Scripture needs of prisoners across Canada

2) Share this page to let others know about this new initiative

3)  Make a gift today