Newfoundland & Labrador


The British and Foreign Bible Society published the Gospel of John for the Moravian missionaries on the coast of Labrador in 1810. A report of 1811 states that when the Inuit received the Word of God in their own language, they were moved to tears and exclaimed, "Jesus is worthy of thanks and our our friends are worthy of thanks, who loved us so much though they have never seen us." The Newfoundland and Labrador District, established soon after, in 1812, has the distinction of being the oldest District in Canada, as well as one of the oldest Bible Societies in Canada. From the beginning it depended upon the churches to provide volunteers to administer and sustain the work. It was not until 1966 that property was bought in St. John's, a Bible Society office was established in Newfoundland, and the District had its own District Secretary.