Featured Partnership: International Student Ministries Canada


Partnerships allow the Canadian Bible Society to build relationships with likeminded ministries for the distribution of the Bible. Through the Partnership program we are able to be in a wide range of places right across Canada.

General Partnership information:

  • We emphasize partnerships in our priority areas. We are interested in continuing conversations that align with our priorities: Indigenous Peoples, Aging population, Next Generation, New Immigrants, Urban and Chaplaincy.
  • This is a formal, but flexible process. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed by the partnering organization and these are in place for one year. In some cases we will want to consider multi-year partnerships that might have mutual benefit.
  • In some cases CBS may need to create the resource to respond to the needs of the potential partner. In other cases we will direct them to already created resources. (Word of Welcome Bibles, Camp Bibles, Special Edition Partnership NT’s, Gospels, Marginalized NT’s)
  • Partnerships are encouraged to report back every three months with feedback/stories about what is happening.

Resource development:

  • As able, we will look at maximizing our budget by working with existing CBS book blocks and products.
  • We will look at developing resources that have the potential of being used with ministries across Canada.

Resource delivery:

  • Resources will not be delivered until the Partnership Form has been signed off on.
  • Resources will be delivered to one location in Canada, unless other previous arrangements have been discussed.

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Send us an detailed email explaining the mission and vision of your ministry, and how CBS can partner with you by providing Scriptures. Please note that all submissions will be reviewed and followed up by a CBS representative as soon as possible. Thank you!

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