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YouVersion App

The YouVersion app offers 1,764 Bible versions in 1,246 languages. As part of the United Bible Societies, the Canadian Bible Society played a crucial role in the development of the Digital Bible Library (DBL). This is a central library for Bible texts, used by all agencies partnering in the global “Every Tribe, Every Nation” (ETEN) initiative. The goal of ETEN is to have every Scripture translation stored in the DBL, and to use the latest technology to make these Scriptures available to every person on earth. This includes digital publishing of Scriptures, as well as text, audio, and video.

One channel for digital publishing using the DBL texts is the YouVersion application, which is being used by millions of people around the world and expanding rapidly as Scriptures in more languages are made accessible.

Access the YouVersion app on your mobile device by visiting: youversion.com

Bible.is App


The Bible.is app now has the Bible in 1,800 languages for people to read, listen and even share with their friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Download at: www.Bible.is/apps