Exciting things are happening in the Bible work around the world. People are finding hope, comfort, and renewed lives as God speaks to them through His Word - in their language!

We are delighted to share these stories of God’s amazing work.


"The Word totally comes alive to me today that poetry the Lord gives me is so profound it blows me away. So that's how it's important the Word of God is for people who are trying to change their lives." (John Oakley)

John's first encounter with the Bible was in jail. In this video, he shares about his faith journey.

The Canadian Bible Society provides the Key to Freedom Bible to men and women in prison in partnership with prison ministries across Canada.

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The Canadian Bible Society partners with the Salvation Army in bringing Christmas hampers to poor families in Vancouver. These Christmas hampers contain gifts - toys, school supplies, books, etc - and the Bible. 

Pilar is one of the volunteers who help prepare these hampers. Her faith was put to test when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. During those uncertain days, Pilar relied on God's promises. Here she shares her story.

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Bike for Bibles (B4B) is an annual event that brings cycling enthusiasts of all ages and walks of life together for a time of fellowship on the road – with one purpose in mind – to help raise funds for Bible distribution and translation projects of the Canadian Bible Society.

Jason joined B4B in 2014. He shares about his experience during the ride and how it helped him growth in faith.

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A new video is available about the Digital Bible Library™. The Digital Bible Library™ is an ever growing, secure yet accessible, collection of quality Bible translations. The library provides standardized digital Scripture texts, all in one central location. In using translations from this library, the creators of websites and applications for mobile devices can develop portals for people from every tribe, in every nation, to experience the power of God’s Word in their heart language.

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Myles Leitch

Monday, March 16, 2015

TORONTO - (CANADIAN CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) - Dr. William Brackney, Chair of the Board of Governors of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS), is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Myles Leitch as Director of Scripture Translation for the Canadian Bible Society.

Dr. Leitch's background - as a professional academic linguist and professor (most recently with Tyndale University College & Seminary) combined with more than 20 years of service as a linguistic consultant and field director in Francophone Africa with Wycliffe-SIL - will contribute significantly to and guide the work of the Scripture Translation Department in the years ahead.

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Bible program tackles domestic violence in the Caribbean Marking International Women’s Day, March 8 Say the word ‘Caribbean’ and many people think of wide sandy beaches, palm trees and holidays - a kind of paradise. But for a growing number of women there, life is anything but paradise, blighted by the violence they experience at home. That’s why Bible Societies in the region are using the Bible to tackle this increasing scourge, with encouraging results.

*Mary had been trapped in a violent relationship for many years, with her partner’s attacks landing her in hospital several times. She was desperate for help but had no idea what to do. When the Bible Society began equipping churches to assist victims of domestic violence, Mary finally received the help she needed and is starting to turn her life around.

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Word at Work - Winter 2015

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“Could a mother forget a child who nurses at her breast? Could she fail to love an infant who came from her own body? Even if a mother could forget, I will never forget you!” Isaiah 49:15 (CEV)

Sophie learned at a young age to pray on God’s promises and to memorize Bible verses that helped her keep the faith through the storm. Life hasn't always been easy for her. Abandoned by her mother at the age of 5, she spent most of her childhood and adolescence with misunderstandings and a sense of injustice – despite the unconditional love shown by her father and the great example of faith he was for Sophie and her sister.

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Kettia was raised in a Christian home, but it was not until age 12 that she decided to put her faith in God. “It was the best decision of my life. Knowing Jesus changed my life!’’, she says.

Discovering her God given talents allowed her to serve her local church in many ways, not only as a youth leader, an event coordinator and a Sunday school teacher but also as the director of a much appreciated Gospel choir which sings in various events to the delight of its audiences. She is convinced that asking God to reveal His plans for our lives is crucial if we want to accomplish our purpose.

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In 2012, Angela went through a very difficult time: after experiencing difficulty walking and suffering from episodes of blurred vision, great fatigue and pain in the arm that kept her from sleeping, she was told by a doctor that she was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Overwhelmed by the news, Angela was soon forced to stop working. She couldn’t understand why her world seemed to be falling apart; after all, she was a believer: "my work, my dreams ... I felt that God did not love me."

One evening, Angela was invited to attend a special meeting held at a church in Montreal, where she listened to a message on the death of Lazarus (John 11). "In the Bible it is written that Jesus loved Lazarus, that he loved Lazarus’ family and that Lazarus was his friend. Yet he still allowed Lazarus’ misfortune – death...". The pastor kept repeating "Jesus loved Lazarus, Jesus loved Lazarus...". Angela says that the pastor's words deeply touched her heart and she then started crying uncontrollably. That’s when "I realized that Jesus loved me ... that night, God healed my heart."

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