2017 Canadian and International Projects

The Canadian Bible Society is working in Canada and 36 countries around the world supporting 55 projects that transform lives through God's Word.

Empowering women around the world

In many countries, daily life for a woman is filled with violence, desperation, shame, abuse and mistreatment. Your support will help fund Bible-based programs that will help women live out God's potential in places like Arab-Israel, India, Ghana and Guatemala.

Child Protection, including protecting victims of sex-trafficking

“If child has only one book to read, let it be the Bible.” – Janette Oke, a well know Canadian author and CBS supporter. Every child deserves to know how much Jesus loves them. Your continued support will bring God's love and joy into the lives of many vulnerable children in places like Uruguay, Palestine, Peru, Nicaragua and Egypt who desperately need to know God loves them. [Read More]

Refugees and Persecuted Christians

There are many desperate stories of escape, suffering and death. But in these times of crisis, people of all faiths are turning to God's Word. And today, thousands of refugees need His Word and protection. Your continued support will help us share the Word of God with refugees and persecuted Christians in Syria, Jordan, Israel, Austria and Canada. [Read More]


Out of a world total of 758 million officially declared non-literates, Cambodia, China, Congo and Pakistan have a huge need in the area of literacy. For many people who live in poor rural parts of the countries, their one deep desire is to be able to read God's word before they meet their Maker. Most of them are too poor to receive any form of education when young. That's why the Bible Society has been hard at work in places like Cambodia, China, Congo and Pakistan to give many the chance to gain life-changing literacy skills to help them stand firm in their faith and pass it onto their families. 

Domestic Violence

Canadian Bible Society, and its global partners have launched a transformational campaign in Central America: ‘Yes, There Is a Solution to Domestic Violence!’  With a plan to reach over 400,000 individuals in countries like Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua this initiative is changing hearts, healing wounds, and shifting cultural views through the life-transforming power of God’s Word.

Anti-violence campaigns to build up family

Christian workers are risking their lives to bring God's Word to places like Honduras and Dominican Republic. These are the places you wake up in fear. Kidnapping and murders are a fact of life. Today we can bring hope to people in these countries and change the weapons to Bibles. 

Trauma Healing for Syrian people, refugees and victims of conflict

In places like Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ukraine, Romania and Lebanon, the Bible-based trauma healing programs help bring God's Word of comfort and peace to victims of war.  Scriptures heal people from the pain of deep trauma and help them to forgive the perpetrators.

About our trauma healing program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo [Read More]
About our trauma healing program for Syrian Refugees [Read More]

Substance Abuse

“It is the ultimate curse on my life," says Joshua. But thanks to the ongoing support of our donors, thousands were consumed by substance abuse are consumed by God's Word in places like Canada, Ecuador and Kenya. Through multimedia presentations and workshops, young people encounter of God's Word and learn Biblical principles that lead to a healthy life style. [Read More]


Translation is the first step to unlock the Bible's message. Only 542 of the 6,901 langauges have a Bible. Thanks to the donors, there are more than 2,000 translations underway right now in places like Lithunia, Philippines and around the world. Imagine what it must be like to finally be able to see the Word of God in a language you understand, and to be able to share his Word with others! [Read More]

Bibles for China's millions

The Christian population in China is exploding. Millions of people are coming to faith. These fellow Chirstians are mostly from rural areas - and many are desperately poor. It means the cost of a Bible is out of their reach. Chinese Christians are seeking God's Word - and you can help. Just $15 could end the wait for 10 Chinese Christians today. [Read More]

Low-vision and blindness

“To me, the audio Bible was like a new gadget and I was seriously interested to learn how to use it. Since I received the audio Bible, I would listen to the sermons and learn to sing hymns everyday” - Wu Kuairong.

Many people with visual disability (PVD) have encountered life-changing experiences through reading the Braille Bibles. But majority are not Braille-literate. In such cases, a simple-to-operate Audio Bible and or large print Bibles are a more suitable resource for this group in parts like China, Ghana, Uganda and Swaziland.

Poverty Alleviation: Hope for India’s slum-dwellers

Slum Dwellers in India are the migrants from border areas. They come to cities in search of jobs, education, business, etc. in order to make life meaningful for their families. Thus, they become permanent residents of cities. To present a holistic development approach to about 10,000 slum dwellers spread across six key cities in India and to bring God's Word relevant to them in their contexts so that the impacted slum dwellers would experience human dignity and find fullness of life in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bible Distribution

We believe that the Bible is God’s message to the world - Without it nobody can fully understand the purpose of their life. In 2015, we with our glbal partners distributed 418.7 million Scriptures in regions such as Middle East, Asia, Sounth Americas like around the world. The lives of Christian will be nurtured and empowered by the Word of God.

The Journey Continues…

In 2017 we at the the Canadian Bible Society are stepping up our efforts in more than 30 countries to bring the Bible to life for every man, woman and child.