5 Reasons to Get Excited About The Bible Course

There are many Bible courses. And most of them are very good.

So why have we launched The Bible Course in Canada? And why do we think you should be excited about The Bible Course?

Here are the Top 5 reasons:

1. It works!
We asked people across Canada to try it out. Pilot groups included people from varied backgrounds, and people new to Christianity, as well as mature Christians. Their positive feedback got us extremely excited!

2. It’s orthodox and reliable.
The Canadian Bible Society does not promote any denomination, or sectarian point of view or any agenda but Bible engagement and understanding. The Bible Course carefully focuses on the story of Scripture, and paints a broad picture of the narrative that can enrich the lives of any group wanting to better understand Christian faith and God’s Word.

3. It’s easy to run.
All you need to run the course is your starter kit: a video set and 1 guide for each participant. The videos direct the flow of each session, and the accompanying guide makes it easier for people to follow along and take notes. Daily readings are also suggested, so the group can continue their Bible exploration during the week.

4. It’s quarantine proof
We love to see people gathering to study the Scriptures. The Bible Course is ideal for live groups, but it also readily supports online discipleship, family worship and small groups. Participants can watch videos and follow along with their manual wherever they are. The course is an excellent way to maintain a sense of community and avoid “social distancing” from the Bible.

5. It sets out a long term path
Spoiler alert: the course concludes by offering people some suggestions on how to continue learning from the Bible. What people experience in eight weeks can influence, inspire and guide the course of their devotional life and their growth as Christians – the best long-term investment you could possibly think of!

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