CBS Calendar

Many of the Bible characters went to the mountains for various reasons. In Mount Moriah, Abraham went to sacrifice his son, Isaac, in obedience to God; there he experienced God’s provision by providing a lamb for a sacrifice in place of his son. In Mount Sinai, Moses received God’s instructions. And in Mount of Olives, Jesus received comfort and strength before facing the cross.

For many of our Bible heroes, the mountains are where they experienced God’s presence. The psalmist in Psalm 121 looked to the mountains as a reminder that God is his Helper.

The 2017 Canadian Bible Society calendar features some of the most stunning mountain views and photos around the world. We picked this theme to hopefully remind you that God is always present – no matter where we are – and that He is our Helper.


Some of the calendar features include:

  • Canadian holidays
  • Religious holidays and Religious Observances
  • Facts about the Bible
  • Short information about the impact of the Bible ministry in Canada

Click the button below to download – and print at home – the 2017 Canadian Bible Society calendar.