A Brief Perspective on Thankfulness from Psalm 103

(To celebrate Thanksgiving day on Monday, October 9, we are featuring this blog post written by Dr. William H. Brackney.)

King David’s words from Psalm 103 gives us some timely reminders on being thankful as we draw near to Thanksgiving day on Monday, October 9th here in Canada. As we are all too often reminded of tragic events taking place around the world, we can be thankful for His blessings of kindness, provision, love, forgiveness, protection, patience and justice.

God’s love is “greater than the distance between heaven and earth!” He forgives and removes our sins “farther than the distance from east to west!” He knows we are but dust made in his image, yet like a gracious parent, God is always kind to those who worship Him. We, as his children are likened to the grass or wild flowers, which bloom quickly and but also, whither quickly. Yet our God keeps His promises to all throughout creation.

With all of God’s attributes in mind, we have much to be thankful for during this season of Thanksgiving. I truly believe we can join together and echo the words of King David in proclaiming, “With all my heart I praise the Lord!”


About the Author:

Dr. William H. Brackney is Canadian Bible Society’s Acting Administrator and Chair of the Board of Governors. He is a former member of the Faculty of Theology of Acadia University, having taught in the fields of theology, ethics and history of Christian Thought as a Distinguished Professor in Acadia Divinity College. He is a widely published author, notably in historical Christianity, religion and human rights, and ecumenical and interfaith conversations. He is an ordained Baptist minister and currently serves part-time at Newport Baptist Church (NS) in addition to his academic responsibilities.

Dr. Brackney and his wife, Kathryn, reside in the Gaspereau Valley in Nova Scotia.

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