A Godly Encounter

I have given out Bibles before and seen varied reactions from people receiving them – from quiet appreciation to wide-eyed gratitude. But I’ve never seen such incredible enthusiasm from someone who received their Bible for the first time until recently.

A week ago, I traveled to Edmonton to speak about the work of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) at a conference and to start new connections in the city. I enjoy connecting with people and organizations who work hard in advancing God’s work in our part of the world. At the same time, I also love meeting people who have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. I refer to these meetings as Godly Encounters.

I had one such encounter on this trip. During a break in my schedule one evening, I went to a barber shop for a haircut where I struck a conversation with the barber who was originally from Tunisia. He is from a Muslim background, but when I mentioned that I work for the Canadian Bible Society and that we distribute Bibles in Arabic, he was shocked, surprised, and happy!

He asked, “Did God send you here? I have been waiting for many years to have my own Bible in Arabic.” He didn’t say a word after that, but his eyes were glowing! I felt the need to give him one as I couldn’t stop hearing his voice inside my head. He had been wanting to get a Bible and it just happened that I had Arabic Bibles in my car.

After he finished giving me a haircut, the barber stepped out of the shop to take a break. I quickly went to my car to get the Arabic Bible. When I came back with it, the man excitedly grabbed the Bible from my hand, sat on a chair, opened it to Genesis 1, and started reading out loud. After finishing half of chapter one, he said: “I am so thankful – it was a dream to hold a Bible!”

I am honoured to be working for the Canadian Bible Society. I am praying that the Holy Spirit would work in this man’s life and guide him to know Jesus as his personal saviour. Will you pray with me?

About the Author:

Majd AlAjji joined the Canadian Bible Society in July 2018 as the Regional Manager – Ethnic Churches in the Prairies. His work focuses on reaching out to ethnic churches and resourcing the growing diaspora churches in the region. As a resident of Calgary – one of the most multicultural cities in Canada – Majd enjoys the privilege of interacting with over a hundred ethnic and diaspora churches.

Six years ago, Majd left his home in Syria and moved to Lebanon, then Canada. He says that his experience as an immigrant prepared him for his role at the Canadian Bible Society and helps him reach out to churches and engage in their ministries.

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