A New Priesthood

Hrishi had attended countless prayer and devotional gatherings in preparation for his priesthood ceremony. He had spent many hours memorizing ancient scriptures that others were forbidden to even speak. For the first two years as a Brahmin, he fulfilled his priestly duties, but he remembers having so much anger inside. As he watched his parents struggle financially in their new country, Canada, he decided that the power to change a life was not rooted in religion. Power was money and it didn’t matter how he earned it.

By the age of 15, Hrishi had a lucrative business providing pagers for his friends, and he dabbled in drugs and abused alcohol. He says, ““I smoked like I was on fire and drank like I was trying to put it out. I was the epitome of selfishness and I argued with my family, wore gangster clothes, talked slang and was a very in-your-face confrontational guy.””

When he was 20, a friend introduced him to Faisal Malick. Struggling to understand what was missing in his life and not able to grasp what was so appealing about Faisal’s life, Hrishi met with him.

It was during that meeting that Faisal bluntly declared that Hrishi would never get to heaven because he didn’t know Jesus. At that point, Hrishi vowed never to speak to Faisal again. As more doubts began to fill Hrishi’’s mind, he called Faisal back.

Still angry about their last meeting, Hrishi declared in a loud voice, ““What gives you the right to think that your God is going to take care of my life?”” This was Faisal’s cue to open his Bible and begin reading.

““From that very moment when he opened the Bible,”” says Hrishi, ““I was overwhelmed by a feeling of being held. And although I knew nothing about Jesus, I knew it was Him who was holding me and speaking to me, saying, ‘‘I love you son.’”’”

Hrishi began to connect the feeling of love with the words of God being read by his friend. Elated by this profound experience, he borrowed his friend’s Bible and went home. Two days later, Faisal presented Hrishi with his own Bible. ““For years”,” says Hrishi, ““I couldn’t convince myself through Hinduism that there was a God. Now, He is very real to me and I live in His Word.””

This love drew Hrishi even closer to Jesus and it caused his sister and parents to receive Jesus also. He says, They weren’t interested in my doctrinal beliefs. It was the love of God living inside of me that drew my family to Christ.”

Today, he is challenged to walk this love out and his relationship with his family has blossomed. ““It was the love of God that drew me to Him. It was the love of God that drew my sister and my parents and it’s God’s love that my wife, Tiffany, and I are privileged to share with others around the world.””

Now, Hrishi Baskaran relies on God’s love in every situation. He knows that he’’s part of a new priesthood where love never fails!

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