Let love prevail in Swaziland

People living with albinism in Swaziland are one of the most highly marginalized groups – and it’s with your support of the Bible Society that we can provide the love and comfort from the Scriptures that they so urgently need: they need to know that they are valued and important in the sight of God. Join the Canadian Bible Society in this urgent humanitarian and spiritual effort with your gift today. God Bless you!

Still waiting for Bibles

The Bible – God’s Word – is essential in every individual’s faith journey. But for millions of people across the world, the Bible is not easily available. It has not been translated in their language, or it is too expensive or they simply cannot access their own copy. Your gift today will enable thousands to embark on their journey with a Bible. Thank you – in Jesus’ name.

Photo: woman with Bible and child

Let us continue to share God’s Word with people who need it most in 2017!

Exciting things are happening in the Bible work as, together, we minister to refugees, vulnerable women, abused children, prisoners, victims of HIV/AIDS and domestic violence in Canada and around the world. Partner with the Canadian Bible Society today as we continue to make the Bible accessible to those who need it most. Won’t you consider making your year-end gift today?

Peace in times of conflict is possible only through Jesus, as promised in the Bible.

This Christmas, will you help us bring peace to the hearts of Ukrainian people with a gift of Scriptures?

“Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” It’s a song that nearly every Christian has sung as a child. This tune is an unforgettable and cheerful reminder of Christ’s love for us. But what about those who don’t know that Jesus loves them? What about the children that don’t have a Bible to tell them so?

Bibles for Cuba

Fidel Castro’s communist revolution 30 years ago had completely closed Cuba to Christianity and outlawed religious celebrations, including Christmas. Authorities banned Nativity scenes and Christmas trees in their attempt to eradicate the Gospel from Cuban life.