Ukrainian child with a Bible

He is risen – three great words that remind us of the power of Christ’s resurrection! God’s promise that new life belongs to every one of us. But, what does “He is risen” mean for little orphans and abandoned children facing unimaginable struggles?

Woman with a Bible

A huge part of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) work is translating, producing and distributing God’s Word. However, it doesn’t end there; CBS also provide ways for people to engage with the Bible. But how can they engage with the Bible and make it a part of their daily lives if they can’t read?

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In 2018, we look forward to new stories of harvest as we engage in 50 projects in 35 countries around the world and here at home. With your continued support, we will use the coming 365 new days to sow seeds of truth in the hearts of people by making the Bible available to them. And because God multiplies the fruits of our labour to accomplish His purpose, we eagerly look forward to new stories of renewed life.

On behalf of all those who have benefited from your generosity in 2017, thank you. When you give, they receive. And lives are changed forever.

The work continues! As more people are waiting to encounter the life-changing Word of God, please consider making a special year-end gift today. Your support will:

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Help the Bible Society in Honduras continue to make a difference in the lives of the members of the Armed Forces, prison inmates and their citizens by making the Bible available today.

The church in China continues to grow. With one million new followers joining the church every year, there are not nearly enough Bibles to go around. And many who live in rural areas struggle to survive on $1 a day, so they cannot afford a Bible even if they could somehow find one to purchase.