The Canadian Bible Society supports over 30 Bible translation, publishing, distribution and engagement projects around the world, in partnership with the United Bible Societies. Each month, our appeals focus on specific projects. Read details of these projects in the monthly appeals below.

What if believing in the gospel meant losing your job, your family rejecting you – or putting your life in danger? Thankfully, here in Canada, we don’t have to worry about expressing our faith.

In countries like Morocco things are much different. Every week, 100 new people ask for Bibles but the Bible Society in Morocco – operating under strict government restrictions – struggles to provide God’s Word to everyone.

We need those who are at liberty to express their faith – like you – to help those who cannot. When we hear from you, we will send your support to areas where the church is growing, and Bibles are nearly impossible to come by.

Please make a gift to provide God’s Word to people in places where it’s not readily available. It’s where His Word is least available – that your generosity can make the biggest difference.

Please make a gift to provide God’s Word to people in places where it’s least accessible.

The Bible is not powerful on a printing press. But the Bible in someone’s hands stirs to life. And when God speaks, lives are transformed.

Your generosity has inspired us to deliver Bibles in a variety of formats, designed to help people across the globe hear God speak:

  • To the blind, through Braille Bibles.
  • To the deaf, through sign language videos.
  • To the illiterate, through audio Bibles called Proclaimers.

It’s a new year and a new day. Together, we will try to fill the year with God’s promises, hope, peace and most of all love. God’s Word changes lives and you are part of the miracle.

Help provide Bibles to people who want to hear God speak through His Word.

Every day, people struggle to overcome division, war, violence and other troubles. Throughout 2019, we witnessed an increased strain on Biblical values and the polarization of religion, meaning that:

  • Parents are struggling to raise their children in the light of God’s Word.
  • Men and women, especially young people, are caught in the grip of various addictions, leaving them hollow and lifeless.
  • Christianity is under fire. Right now, one Christian is killed every hour of every day for faith-related reasons.

When the enemy blinds people’s minds, it’s Jesus who opens their eyes. And when it seems like darkness is prevailing. YOUR gift of Bibles comes through to help people see His light! Thank you for your generous and caring support!

Gifts received on or before December 31, 2019 will be eligible for a 2019 tax receipt.

Support the Bible work in Canada by making a special year-end gift today.

In 2014, the Canadian Bible Society partnered with the Bible Society in Honduras to launch the program, “Change Your Weapons” which aimed to address the increasing violence in the country. God used this inspired program and since then, through prayers and the outpouring of generous support, murder rates have plummeted. Honduras is no longer referred to as the most violent country in the world – a true miracle.

This Christmas, please make a special gift to help sustain the “Change Your Weapons” program.

Donate today to support “Change Your Weapons” and help reach 5,000 people each year to replace their weapons with Bibles.

This Christmas, we have the opportunity to bless a child with a Bible of their own. Your special Christmas gift today will deliver the Word of God to a generation of children and teenagers without hope – from Haiti, to Peru, to Rwanda.

Thank you! Your support helps spread His Word to every corner of the globe, ministers to children everywhere, and plants the seeds of hope.

Donate to surprise a child in need with God’s Word this Christmas

Jesus spent His early years as a refugee, a part of the Christmas story that we don’t hear often.

As we look forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth, may we be reminded that, right now, millions worldwide are in the same situation, forced to make the frightening decision of leaving their home for various reasons, such as: conflicts, natural calamities or religious persecution. Where they end up, they face untold challenges and find themselves in desperate need of hope. Jesus – who knows exactly what they are going through – speaks the words that they desperately need to hear.

The refugee crisis is our opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Donate to help bring God’s hope to refugees and the displaced today.

Donate to help bring God’s hope to the refugees and displaced today.

The Bible always provides the comfort and hope that people need most. In many parts of the world, people have trouble obtaining the Scriptures, but when they do, their lives are forever changed.

It is the same for people with special needs – those who can’t read and who are visually impaired – in Africa. For this group of people, the Canadian Bible Society, in partnership with other Bible Societies across Africa, is providing Braille and audio Bibles so that they can receive the life-giving message of God’s Word.

Today, help make the Scriptures available in formats that will benefit those who are in difficult circumstances in countries like Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Help make the Scriptures available in special formats (large-print, Braille, audio, sign language) that will benefit His children!

To struggling families caring for children who are suffering from health and mental challenges, God’s Word is like a lifeline. God’s promises provide a healing balm when all hope seems lost.

Give today to bring hope and strength to distressed families of suffering children in India, Nicaragua and Romania by making God’s Word available to them in their own language.

Help reach precious children and their families with God’s Word

The Deaf community is still one of the most isolated and marginalized groups in the world. The number of deaf people around world is almost twice the population of Canada, but only 2% has been introduced to the gospel. The majority cannot turn to God’s Word in times of need, because the Scriptures are not available in their language.

The life-changing message of God’s Word should be presented to them in the form of a visual Bible. With your generosity, we can continue our ministry of producing visual Bibles to bring the gospel to life in video format.

Your gift today will help this unreached group find life in Jesus as they experience for themselves the power of God’s living Word!

Help make God’s Word available in the heart language of the deaf community.

Our nation greatly needs the Living Word. Our goal is for every person who calls Canada home to engage with God’s Word in a way that brings eternal impact! Please help CBS keep pointing the way to Jesus by spreading God’s Word “far and wide” in Canada!

This Canada Day, please consider making a special gift to help put the Scriptures in the hands of refugees, indigenous people, prisoners, the marginalized and many others in the language of their heart.

Help put the Bible in the hands of refugees, indigenous people, the marginalized & others in the language of their heart.

When Jesus was born, Bethlehem was a small town of 300. Today, 30,000 Palestinians call it home, and it sits at the epicentre of religious tension and strife. Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth used to be a tiny rural village of 150 people. Today, it is a bustling Arab-Israeli metropolis of 80,000!

Tragically, only 4% of those who live in the Middle East have received the good news of Jesus! Within these changing circumstances, the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) and other Bible Societies are working hard to bring the Word of God to the Middle East in relevant and accessible ways – and people are responding to its message.

Please help us place God’s Word in the hands of those who desperately need to know they have a hope and a future in Jesus Christ!

Help bring the Good News to those who are waiting in the Middle East.

In a 2017 report, the International Labor Organization estimated that 24.9 million victims are trafficked around the world; 20% of these victims are girls under the age of 18. According to a 2016 report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 54% of victims were trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

As young girls are being rescued, organizations like the Bible Societies in Cameroon, Ghana and Guatemala are doing their part to help victims find healing and purpose in life through God’s Word. The Canadian Bible Society partners with these Bible Societies to ensure that Bible-based trauma-healing programs will continue to bring inner healing in the lives of young victims.

Your support makes all the difference for these girls, because when unimaginable trauma happens, only His Word can truly heal.

Make a gift today to support Bible-based trauma-healing programs for victims of sex trafficking in Cameroon, Ghana and Guatemala.

In Cuba, a Bible costs about two weeks’ salary of a worker. This makes the Bible a luxury for most Cuban people. It certainly places a huge barrier between Christians and their desire to know more about Jesus through the Bible.

In a country where people have been writing down Scripture verses and passing them around from believer to believer on pieces of paper, the Bibles you give will be like water in a parched land.

As we look forward to Holy Week, please consider making a gift to send Bibles to Cuba as a way of sharing the message of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Please make Bibles available in Cuba to help new believers grow in their faith

Every single year, 500,000 to one million people come to faith in Christ in China. That’s a HUGE number of new believers who need a Bible of their own. With so many embracing the faith, we need to provide Bibles to meet the demand.

The Amity Printing Company in China prints tens of thousands of Bibles a day, but they simply can’t keep enough paper to run the presses. Please help the Canadian Bible Society and the Amity Printing Company keep the presses running, and rush Bibles into waiting hands.

Make a gift today to provide Bible paper to print Chinese Bibles today.

God’s Word – the gift that changes lives

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword… (Hebrews 4.12a, NKJV)

As people encounter God through His Word, lives are transformed forever. This is why the Canadian Bible Society strives to make the Bible available to people who need it most, in the language that speak to their hearts and in formats that best suit their needs. When you support the Bible work today, you are helping bring the message that can change someone’s life today.