The Canadian Bible Society supports over 30 Bible translation, publishing, distribution and engagement projects around the world, in partnership with the United Bible Societies. Each month, our appeals focus on specific projects. Read details of these projects in the monthly appeals below.

Our world is growing more and more secular. Parents are struggling to raise their children in faith. Biblical values are being compromised. And the more hopeless the situation the greater the need to spread His Word…The harder life gets, the stronger the demand for hope and healing.

When you give the gift of a Bible, that’s exactly what you provide. Your support today will help the Canadian Bible Society bring God’s hope and healing through His Word to those who need it most.

Share the joy from God’s Word with those who need it most.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble.” – Psalm 46.1

Many people in the world don’t have the kind of assurance offered in the Scriptures. They face challenges in life without the knowledge that God is able to help them, provide for them and deliver them from their troubles – if they only call on Him.

People yearn to find comfort in their times of trouble, but they don’t know about Jesus; they have never read, heard, or seen a Bible! If the Bible is not accessible to them, how will they know about God’s love? How will they experience the power of prayer?

Today, help make God’s Word available to those who are waiting for an encounter with God through His Word.

This Christmas, help share about the power of prayer by making God’s Word available.

The population of Israel is mostly Jewish and Muslim. Here, you’ll find far fewer celebrations of our Saviour’s birth than in many other countries. 2,000 years ago, the Good News originated in the Holy Land and went to the ends of the world. Now it’s time to bring it back.

This Christmas, your special offering can help us spread the message of Jesus and share the miracle of His birth with Jews, Arabs and Christians alike.

Help bring the message of Christmas and the light of Jesus back to the land of the first Christmas.

Translation is a vital part of Bible work; because of translation, many of the people of world can read the Bible – originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek –in their own language. By making the Bible understandable, God’s Word can be shared in a meaningful and affirming way. And through Bible translation, people will also read and hear the story of Jesus’ birth – for the first time – in the language that speaks to their heart.

This Christmas, help give access to God’s Word in people’s heart language with your special gift for Bible translation work. Your gift today will also help provide a Bible to someone in their own language.

This Christmas, help give access to God’s Word in people’s heart language with your special gift for Bible translation work


Every day people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. And every day, people are given a choice to abandon their addiction. By making the Bible available through agencies dealing with substance abusers, we are helping those in this situation find true healing and a second chance at life.

This Thanksgiving, please consider making a special gift to help make the Bible available to those struggling with alcohol and substance abuse.

Help make the Bible available to those struggling with alcohol and substance abuse.

If we are to realize our vision of bringing God’s Word to all nations of the world, it’s not enough to distribute Bibles and hope for the best. To truly reach those who need it most, and help people engage with God’s Word, it’s critical to provide Scriptures in formats that people can use and understand.

Help unlock God’s Word through audio and large-print Scriptures, and literacy training.

In Syria, people have nowhere to escape to. Bombs and missiles fall constantly, causing devastating damage everywhere. The only way for them to survive is to flee the country. That’s how people become refugees. Ending up hundreds of miles away from home, with nothing and no one.

The Canadian Bible Society is partnering with the Bible Societies of Syria, Austria, Lebanon and Jordan to address the spiritual needs of refugees by providing Scriptures.

Help share God’s hope with Syrian refugees in Canada, Austria, Jordan, and Lebanon.

The Canadian Bible Society invites you to pray for Canada every day in July, beginning July 1 – Canada Day.

As we pray for revival, we need your ongoing support to make sure the Word of God is always accessible to every person in Canada.

Make a gift today to help restore the foundation of our nation through prayer and God’s Word!

The Canadian Bible Society partners with the Bible Society in Nicaragua to bring hope to men, women and children in Nicaragua through the programs, “Hope and Smiles for Children with Cancer” and “Yes, There is a Solution to Domestic Violence.” In January, a team representing CBS visited these two projects and saw first-hand the impact God’s Word is making in the lives of young cancer patients and their families, and families traumatized by domestic violence

Help bring hope from God’s Word in the darkest circumstances in Nicaragua.

Around the world, there are about 285 million people with visual disabilities. Most of them live in developing countries where resources to meet their needs – including Bibles that would help them through their spiritual and emotional struggles – are not readily available. This often results in loss of dignity and loss of hope for a better future.

Help bring life and light through Braille Scriptures to people with visual disabilities.

He is risen – three great words that remind us of the power of Christ’s resurrection! God’s promise that new life belongs to every one of us. But, what does “He is risen” mean for little orphans and abandoned children facing unimaginable struggles?

Share the message of Christ’s resurrection with orphans and abandoned children in Tanzania and Ukraine.

A huge part of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) work is translating, producing and distributing God’s Word. However, it doesn’t end there; CBS also provide ways for people to engage with the Bible. But how can they engage with the Bible and make it a part of their daily lives if they can’t read?

Bless someone with the gift of God’s Word and literacy in Haiti today.

God’s Word – the gift that changes lives

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword… (Hebrews 4.12a, NKJV)

As people encounter God through His Word, lives are transformed forever. This is why the Canadian Bible Society strives to make the Bible available to people who need it most, in the language that speak to their hearts and in formats that best suit their needs. When you support the Bible work today, you are helping bring the message that can change someone’s life today.