The Canadian Bible Society supports over 30 Bible translation, publishing, distribution and engagement projects around the world, in partnership with the United Bible Societies. Each month, our appeals focus on specific projects. Read details of these projects in the monthly appeals below.

For many years, the Cuban government tried to extinguish Christian faith in Cuba. The communist ideology left absolutely no room for God in the life of the nation. Cuba was a very difficult place to be a Christian. And it was nearly impossible to get a Bible and come to know the Saviour we celebrate at Christmas.

Then God broke the doors wide open… and Bibles flowed into Cuba.

But purchasing a Bible is nearly impossible for most Cubans, because a Bible costs two weeks’ salary!

With the help of generous donors, one million Bibles have already been distributed in Cuba. Yet the need remains critical. Please join our Million More Bibles for Cuba campaign today – while the door in Cuba remains open.


God calls us to be where people are experiencing trauma, violence and other terrible events just like José. Your support will help us respond in the hardest places where the hurt is the greatest — in Guatemala, Syria, Ghana, and even our own country.

Your donation will provide vulnerable, suffering people with a Bible and trauma healing guidebooks — along with the support of trained and caring Christians. Your gift today can change the lives of people wounded in body, mind and soul.


COVID-19 has made life difficult for everyone, but our heart breaks for our elderly family members and friends who live in long-term care facilities. They’ve suffered more than anyone.

Every $50 you give today doubles in impact to provides a simple, easy-to-use digital audio player that will allow an elderly man or woman to listen to the Bible and other Scripture resources. This device also plays recordings of hymns, which can help someone reconnect with and find comfort in their familiar faith traditions.


There are approximately 20 million orphans in India, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made the situation even worse. Because of the pandemic, many more children have become orphans and have ended up in orphanages.

Support the Bible Society of India as they show these children that God loves them and that they have a true friend in Jesus. Your gift of:

  • $50 will bless 5 children with a Bible.
  • $150 will help distribute 100 Scripture notebooks.
  • $375 will provide 500 Discover the Good News brochures.

As you know, sowing the Word of God in a child’s heart bears much fruit. Let us not forget these little ones – the ones who need us most.


Now, perhaps more than ever before, there is an immense need in Canada for the hope and transformation offered by God’s Word! Jesus alone has the power to calm the anxiety plaguing many hearts today. His love transforms and reassures the fearful heart with words of peace. “Fear not, I am the first and the last, and the living one.” Revelation 1.17-18 (ESV)

Your generosity will allow us to share Jesus’ comforting voice, and put God’s Word in Canadian hearts and homes.


Double the impact of your gift today!

Your gift today will double in impact to:

  • Provide more Scriptures to first responders, healthcare workers, staff and residents of senior care homes, guests at homeless shelters, and others.
    Expand our online Scripture resources, including Words of Comfort, to overcome the challenges of social distancing, quarantine, and self-isolation.

Our frontline workers are there for us. Please be there for them by responding today.


God is showing us that nothing can stop His Word from reaching those who long to hear it, and that there is always a way to share it. This is why we’re doing everything we can, within the official guidelines, to keep providing Scriptures to people in Canada and around the world.

People everywhere are turning to God and His Word. Your donation today is so vital in helping meet critical spiritual needs. Thank you for your generosity.

Donate to help Canadian Bible Society provide God’s Word to those who need it most.

This month, we are focusing on providing hope and a second chance at life to young victims of difficult circumstances. Many of these young people grow up in violent or destructive homes in impoverished communities with the highest violent crime rates, and in an effort to find a sense of belonging end up falling in with the wrong crowds, such as gangs or drug cartels. Poor, alone and not seeing any other way to survive, these young people often turn to lives of crime.

By donating today, you will help someone in need of a second chance by sharing the hope-giving Word of God.

DONATE today to help those in need of a second chance.

For a huge part of the world, the message of Easter is still locked away. It remains hidden behind untranslated words – the biggest obstacle we face in spreading God’s Word across the globe. Surprisingly, one billion people – in this day and age of technology – want but still can’t access the Bible in a language they can understand. In fact, there are over 4,000 languages that have never had a single Bible verse translated.

With your generosity, we can overcome this daunting challenge. Please help unlock the Scriptures for those who are still waiting to read and hear God’s Word in their language.

Please make a gift to help unlock a verse of Scripture through Bible translation.

What if believing in the gospel meant losing your job, your family rejecting you – or putting your life in danger? Thankfully, here in Canada, we don’t have to worry about expressing our faith.

In countries like Morocco things are much different. Every week, 100 new people ask for Bibles but the Bible Society in Morocco – operating under strict government restrictions – struggles to provide God’s Word to everyone.

We need those who are at liberty to express their faith – like you – to help those who cannot. When we hear from you, we will send your support to areas where the church is growing, and Bibles are nearly impossible to come by.

Please make a gift to provide God’s Word to people in places where it’s not readily available. It’s where His Word is least available – that your generosity can make the biggest difference.

Please make a gift to provide God’s Word to people in places where it’s least accessible.

The Bible is not powerful on a printing press. But the Bible in someone’s hands stirs to life. And when God speaks, lives are transformed.

Your generosity has inspired us to deliver Bibles in a variety of formats, designed to help people across the globe hear God speak:

  • To the blind, through Braille Bibles.
  • To the deaf, through sign language videos.
  • To the illiterate, through audio Bibles called Proclaimers.

It’s a new year and a new day. Together, we will try to fill the year with God’s promises, hope, peace and most of all love. God’s Word changes lives and you are part of the miracle.

Help provide Bibles to people who want to hear God speak through His Word.

God’s Word – the gift that changes lives

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword… (Hebrews 4.12a, NKJV)

As people encounter God through His Word, lives are transformed forever. This is why the Canadian Bible Society strives to make the Bible available to people who need it most, in the language that speak to their hearts and in formats that best suit their needs. When you support the Bible work today, you are helping bring the message that can change someone’s life today.