The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) is working in Canada and 40 countries around the world supporting 60 projects that help transform lives through God’s Word.

Bible Translation

Translation is the first step to unlocking the Bible’s message. Only 542 of the 6,901 languages of the world have a Bible. Thanks to donors, more than 2,000 translations are underway around the world. Apart from the indigenous translation projects in Canada, CBS also supports the ongoing translation of the Cuyonon Bible in the Philippines, and the Inupiaq Bible in Alaska, USA. Imagine what it must be like to finally be able to see the Word of God in a language you understand, and to be able to share His Word with others! [Read More]

Addressing conflict and violence with God’s Word

Soldier reading a BibleConflict and violence are part of people’s daily lives in some areas of the world like the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Ukraine. Every day, they live in fear, unsure about their future. In the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, authorities deal with the increasing violence on the streets. In many cases, these are gang-related and involve teenagers. In Ukraine, the conflict which started in 2014 continue to threaten the security of the entire nation.

In these areas of violence and unrest, the Word of God continues to speak peace and hope, and transforming lives through various Bible distribution and engagement programs.

Bibles for Children

Child reading an illustrated Bible“If a child has only one book to read, let it be the Bible.” – Janette Oke, a well-known Canadian author and CBS supporter.

Every child deserves to know how much Jesus loves them. Your continued support will bring God’s love and joy into the lives of many vulnerable children in places like Arab-Israel, Armenia, Chile, Egypt, Ghana, and Tanzania. [Read More]

Bibles for China’s millions

Smiling Chinese woman with BibleThe Christian population in China is growing by leaps and bounds. Millions of people are coming to faith. These fellow Christians are mostly from rural areas – and many are desperately poor. It means the cost of a Bible is out of their reach. Chinese Christians are seeking God’s Word – and you can help. Just $15 could end the wait for 10 Chinese Christians today. [Read More]

Bibles for Literacy and Listening Programs

Proclaimer deviceDespite advances in education and technology, over 750 million adults are considered illiterate. For many people who live in poor rural parts of their countries, their one deep desire is to be able to read God’s Word before they meet their Maker. Most of them are too poor to receive any form of education when young. That’s why the Bible Societies in Haiti and Niger aim to provide their people the chance to gain life-changing literacy skills by teaching them to read the Bible. The Bible-based Literacy programs are not only changing people’s circumstances but also helping transform lives. [Read More]

Bibles for Immigrants

The quest for a better life has sparked emigration around the world. Canada welcomes about 250,000 immigrants every year while Costa Rica, now becoming a magnet for migrants, receives about 150 newcomers daily. These immigrants face difficult challenges. In partnership with churches and organizations dealing with immigrants, CBS and the Bible Society in Costa Rica are reaching out to immigrants with the much-needed message of hope, peace and strength from God’s Word.

Bibles for people who have fallen into Substance Abuse

“It is the ultimate curse on my life,” says Joshua. But thanks to the ongoing support of our donors, thousands who were once consumed by substance abuse are now consumed by God’s Word in places like Canada. [Read More]

Bibles for People with Hearing and Visual Disabilities

A young man reading a Braille BibleThe Bible is for everyone, that is why CBS strives to make it available for every individual, including those with hearing and visual disabilities. Through programs in partnership with Bible Societies in Lithuania, Swaziland and Uganda, people are learning about God’s love and His wonderful plan in their lives, through audio, Braille and Sign language resources. [Read More]

Bibles for Poor Families

Photo of a familyImagine being too poor to afford anything but your next meal. For millions of people in India, this is their reality. Families are so poor that buying a Bible is next to impossible. CBS now works with the Bible Society in India so that families living under the poverty line will have the opportunity to experience the life-transforming power of God’s Word.

Empowering women around the world with the Word of God

Three women walkingIn many countries, daily life for a woman is filled with violence, desperation, shame, abuse and mistreatment. Your support will help fund Bible-based programs that will help women live out God’s potential in places like Arab-Israel, and India. [Read More]

Encouragement from God’s Word for Cancer Patients

A child reading an illustrated BibleCancer affects millions of lives around the world. It does not torment the afflicted alone – it also affects the entire family, subjecting them to emotional, mental and financial suffering. CBS partners in Nicaragua and Romania recognize that God’s Word is a source of strength, hope and peace for those going through their cancer journey.

The Good Samaritan Program

The Good Samaritan Program exists to serve communities affected by the HIV- AIDS scourge, with a special emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa, which bears the greatest burden of disease. In 2018, CBS will focus on supporting the Good Samaritan Program in Tanzania where the Bible Society is implementing the “Go and Do the Same” campaign, targeting students in secondary schools and colleges.

Healing for Victims of Sexual Exploitation

UNICEF-USA reported that there were about 21 million victims trafficked around the world and approximately 80% of trafficking involves sexual exploitation. Because of its widespread and devastating impact, human trafficking has earned the epithet, “modern-day slavery”. As young girls are being rescued, organizations like the Bible Societies in Cameroon, Ghana and Guatemala are doing their part to help victims find healing and purpose in life through God’s Word. CBS partners with these Bible Societies to ensure that Bible-based trauma-healing programs like “Free to Live: Rescuing Girls from Sexual Trafficking” in Guatemala and “Esther” in Cameroon will continue to impact young lives.

Refugees and Persecuted Christians


There are many desperate stories of escape from persecution, suffering and death. But in these times of crisis, people of all faiths are turning to the Bible. Thousands of refugees need His Word and protection. Your continued support will help us share the Scriptures with refugees and persecuted Christians in Israel, Jordan, and Syria. In Canada, the Canadian Bible Society provides Scripture resources to organizations ministering to refugees who have settled in the country. [Read More]

Bible Distribution

We believe that the Bible is God’s message to the world – without it, nobody can fully understand the purpose of their life. In 2016, with our global partners, we distributed 401.3 million Scriptures in regions such as Asia, South Americas and around the world. CBS will continue to make God’s Word available especially to those who need it most, such as the elderly in Bolivia, the mentally-challenged in India and Romania, and the Romani people in Lithuania.

Your support will enable thousands to embark on their journey with a Bible. Make a gift today.