Toronto, ON – The Bible has long been the best-selling book in the world, but it’s never been presented like this before. The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) has been chosen as the exclusive Canadian distributor of Alabaster The Bible Beautiful, produced by Alabaster Co., to the Canadian audience.

As our culture grows increasingly creative, visual and innovative, this offering which includes the four Gospels, the Psalms, the Proverbs and the Book of Romans, seeks to engage readers, especially millennials, with a fresh experience of the Bible, utilizing the New Living translation of the original work, and incorporates striking imagery and thoughtful design.

The images are designed to provoke deeper thought about the text and the typeface includes plenty of white space for easy reading. This delivers a fresh take on the text that is so suitable for the modern world, without sacrificing the true meaning of the original, helping to make the Bible more accessible and understandable for today’s audience.

“Ensuring that people hear God speak in their lives is the burning heart of the Canadian Bible Society, and we believe that presenting His Word in a format that brings to life the beauty and meaning of His words will speak to the hearts of readers of all ages,” says Rev. Dr. Rupen Das, Executive Director of CBS.

Alabaster The Bible Beautiful, is now available in Canada exclusively through the Canadian Bible Society.

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