News Release

Canadian Bible Society Executive Director Rev. Dr. Rupen Das elected to the executive committee of the United Bible Societies Global Council

Toronto, ON – December 10, 2019 — The Executive Director of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS), Rev. Dr. Rupen Das, was recently chosen to serve in three key positions with the United Bible Societies (UBS). Dr. Das was elected to serve on the UBS Global Council and further, at its November meeting, was elected to…
Christmas cardsblog

More than just sending cards

“The minute or so it takes to sign and address a card is time spent thinking of someone else.” – David Flick, Dallas Morning News Although some may think of printed cards as 'old school' in this digital age, many people actually admit that they still enjoy receiving printed cards. So for those of you…

God Has Been Waiting for You!

Growing up among evangelical assemblies in the province of Quebec, reading the Bible was, for me, a very common and normal thing to do. Conversations about the Bible were an ongoing thing around me. My parents had a plan to read through the whole Bible at least once with us children, on weekday nights, allowing…

Christmas Message

A Christmas message from CBS National Director, Rev. Dr. Rupen Das. For centuries God had remained mysterious and hidden, occasionally revealing Himself through miracles and wonders. Then, about two thousand years ago, God made an astounding announcement to a young carpenter about a child whose name would be Emmanuel – meaning God with us. How…