A Message from CBS’ Executive Director about COVID-19

As I write, I find myself astounded at the speed with which the COVID-19 pandemic is unfolding. Times like this generate widespread fear and anxiety, a crisis to meet with faith and hope.

You and I may never have been through something quite like this, but God has, and so has the Church. The Church continued its pattern of worship during the Black Death in 1347. Three centuries later, the Bubonic Plague of 1665 did not stop worship or faith.

In 1849, Robert Curzon, an English traveler, diplomat, and author, visited a monastery in the mountains of Lebanon. He wrote about a meal with the monks in the candlelit refectory.

“I have been quietly dining in a monastery when shouts have been heard, and shots have been fired against the stout bulwarks of the outer walls … which had but little effect in altering the monotonous cadence in which one of the brotherhood read a homily of St. Chrysostom from the pulpit … in the refectory.”

Despite the violence and gunfire outside the high walls of the monastery, the monks inside the walls continued to live and worship, and faith was preserved over the centuries.

But history, of course, doesn’t stop us from being anxious for ourselves, our family and friends. We need to continue to affirm that Christ is Lord during this season and acknowledge our total dependence on Him for all that we do and need.

At CBS, we have made alternative work arrangements for our staff across the country, ensuring their safety and ensuring that the operation can continue. For the time being, please refer to this page to get the latest information on our bookstores and resource centres. We have canceled all activities and events across the country at this time. However, CBS staff are available by email and phone.

Psalm 23: 3(b) frequently draws me in: “He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.” I memorized this Psalm as a child but did not then understand what was meant by “for his name’s sake.

God guides me along the right paths because His reputation is at stake. God’s reputation is also on the line in how we conduct ourselves. As we trust God in the midst of this crisis and beyond, He will continue to lead us where we should go.

May you be encouraged today by the Word of our God, who remains faithful.

Rev. Dr. Rupen Das