Canadian Bible Society Celebrates 110 Years of Impact in Canada and Around the World

Friday, June 24, 2016

TORONTO – (Canadian Christian News Service) – One of Canada’s most mature Christian ministries celebrates a significant anniversary in June. The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) turns 110 on June 26.

On the cusp of its 111th year, CBS is strategically poised for continuing impact for years to come.

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Dent, the newly appointed National Director of CBS, will lead the growing ministry team, shepherding the organization forward in its work of connecting people with the life-changing power of God’s Word through translation, publication, distribution, and engagement.

Dent says, “Like any milestone birthday, our 110th presents an ideal opportunity to give thanks to God, our donors, and our partners in ministry for all that has happened in the past, and to look forward with anticipation to a new era of ministry in Canada and around the world.”

Looking forward strategically involves acknowledgement of what has already been achieved. 2015 was a banner year for CBS as the organization adopted a strategic plan to chart its course over the next several years. CBS also launched new initiatives and strengthened existing partnerships and projects in the four focal points of translation, publication, distribution, and engagement.

“Our work with the Pan Am Games distributing special Scriptures to athletes, along with the provision of a devotional resource for refugees gives a glimpse at the breadth of what we do just in Canada,” says Dent.

“Overseas, we partnered with 24 different countries, like India, Peru, Cuba and China, just to name a few, to deliver Christian Scripture where it was most needed.”

CBS continues to be a leader in the use of technology, equipping translators from Indigenous communities in Canada and partners around the world in the latest techniques. “Already in this anniversary year CBS has hosted a First Nations Bible Translation Gathering that brought together First Nations community and church leaders to continue our work of building a cooperative framework to meet the needs of First Nations Bible translation in Canada, a hallmark of the work of CBS,” says Dent.

Partnerships with Indigenous communities have always been at the heart of the work of CBS, and will continue to be so in the next phase of its ministry in Canada.

CBS will also build on the inroads it has made serving the needs of Canadian youth, the immigrant population, and enhancing the presence of its work in Canada’s urban centres where more than 80% of Canada’s population lives.

“As we grow, we will be partnering even more directly with local churches through congregational representatives and enhancement of our invaluable volunteer base,” says Dent. “The local church, as we all know, provides hope to our communities and our country. We want to be part of those vital centres of impact. We can help each other bring God’s Word directly into the lives of Canadians from coast to coast.”

Dent adds that in addition to congregational representatives, CBS has always been supported by strong and devoted groups of other volunteers who serve on the Board of Governors and District Boards and participate in local ministry and fundraising activities. “We will be prioritizing the further growth and strengthening of this volunteer network,” says Dent.

“As we look back on CBS’ 110 years of ministry in Canada, we honour the work of our many staff and volunteers in the different regions of Canada,” says Dr. William Brackney, Chair of the Board of Governors.

“We are truly one of the original local, national, and global ministries in Canada. We will continue to build those pillars of strength, as we fill our mission to make God’s Word both accessible and available,” adds Dent.

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