CBS supporters to run in BC wilderness to raise funds for trauma healing

On August 24, 2013, a small group of Canadian Bible Society (CBS) supporters in British Columbia will run through the wilderness of Kinuseo Falls to help raise funds for She’s My Sistera Bible-based trauma healing program for the women and children impacted by the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

The group, led by Lisa Ramer, will run 48km through the wilderness of Kinuseo Falls in Monkman Provincial Park at the event they call Monkman Madness.

Lisa Ramer has participated in Bike for Bibles rides, an annual cycling event spearheaded by CBS. However, this year, she decided to raise funds for CBS by participating in another activity that she equally loves: running.

“The idea came out of chatting during many a long run with friends. We thought it might be a fun idea to run our own ‘ultra-marathon’,” said Lisa.

The group has chosen a trail in the Rockies that is long enough to be a challenge, but short enough to be done in one day.

“We decided to call it Monkman Madness because you need to be a little ‘mad’ or crazy to want to run 48km. The trail will take us to Monkman Lake from Kinuseo Falls and back,” Lisa added.

This year, several events across the country including Bike for Bibles and Run for the Word have raised funds towards She’s My Sister project. “We are grateful for God’s Word and happy to be involved with this awesome cause,” Lisa said.

Donations for this cause are now closed.

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