Children learn about Jesus at March Break camp

(Photo credit: Toronto City Mission)

For most students in Canada, March break provides a respite from learning and time to enjoy the remaining few days of Winter. For Toronto City Mission, a Christian organization that reaches out to the youth in Toronto, it is an opportunity to share about Jesus and the Bible.

A representative for Toronto City Mission shared:

At our March Break camp this year, our students were excited about learning more about Jesus. Each day we taught them a Bible lesson to help them understand who Jesus is. On day one they learned that Jesus is the Good Shepherd. On day two, they learned that Jesus is the Cornerstone. On Day three they learned that Jesus is the Living Water. On day four they learned that Jesus is the Vine. And on day five they learned that Jesus is our Perfect Brother. Many of our students were learning these things about Jesus for the first time, and even though March Break is over, they are still talking about what they learned!

We made sure to bring these biblical metaphors to life by relating them to concrete images and stories they could understand. We used a variety of skits, crafts and games to teach our students. It was so encouraging to see, however, that although kids were excited about the activities we planned, they were equally excited about cracking open the Bible. Whenever a leader asked for a volunteer to read our Bible passage, several enthusiastic hands shot up. Sometimes we would have six kids lined up just to read out the passage.

Many people worry that this “Google generation” does not like to read the Bible anymore, but we have seen otherwise. Our kids enjoy the Bible portion of our program, and they continue to surprise us.

The Canadian Bible Society partners with Toronto City Mission by providing Scriptures for free distribution.

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