Christmas Message

A Christmas message from CBS National Director, Rev. Dr. Rupen Das.

For centuries God had remained mysterious and hidden, occasionally revealing Himself through miracles and wonders. Then, about two thousand years ago, God made an astounding announcement to a young carpenter about a child whose name would be Emmanuel – meaning God with us. How could it be that the Creator of the universe would now dwell with mortal human beings and that they could actually know Him?

This is not just a myth from a long-forgotten past, but recorded history: God revealed Himself through Jesus. It is the Written Word (the Bible) that reveals the Living Word, Jesus Christ.

Through the ministries of the Canadian Bible Society, it is our sincerest desire that people will encounter the Living Word in life-changing ways.

This Christmas and always, may you also experience the presence of the Living God in the daily circumstances of your life.

Rev Rupen DasRev. Dr. Rupen Das
National Director
Canadian Bible Society

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