About Eastern James Bay Cree (Northern Dialect)

Eastern James Bay Cree (Northern Dialect) is the variety of Cree that is spoken in Quebec on the east coast of lower Hudson Bay and James Bay, in the communities of Whapmagoostui, Chisasibi, Wemindji, and Eastmain. It is sometimes referred to as Coastal Cree. This is an Algonquian language in the same family as Ojibwe and Mi’kmaq. It is closely related to Eastern James Bay Cree (Southern Dialect), where a NT was published in 2001.

About This Translation

Currently, an adaptation is being completed from the Southern Dialect NT, under the auspices of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, and in partnership with the local community of the Whapmagoostui First Nation and the Anglican Church. CBS has provided translation consultant support to this project, and will publish the NT once the review of the translation is completed.