(Southern Dialect)

Eastern James Bay Cree (Southern Dialect) is the variety of Cree that is spoken in Quebec on the east coast of James Bay, and inland southeastward from James Bay, in the communities of Waswanipi, Nemaska, Waskaganish, Oujé-Bougoumou and Mistissini. It is one of the Algonquian languages of Canada, in the same family as Ojibwe and Mi’kmaq. Cree uses a syllabic writing system, although some age groups and communities have at times used a Romanized alphabet. East Cree is not considered an endangered language since most young people are using the language.

About This Translation

A translation of the New Testament was begun in this language in the 1970s under the auspices of the Summer Institute of Linguistics. SIL staff worked in close partnership with members of the Cree First Nation at Mistissini, and with the support of many church and political leaders and organizations. The New Testament was printed by the Canadian Bible Society in 2001. The primary publication is in syllabic script, but a secondary publication was also done in Roman script.


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