Plains Cree is one of the Algonquian languages of Canada, in the same family as Ojibwe and Mi’kmaq. It is spoken primarily in Alberta and Saskatchewan, but also some in Manitoba and Montana. Depending on the community, age of the speaker, and other factors, Plains Cree is written using either a Roman script or a syllabic script.

About This Translation

We are in the phase of reorganizing a project that has been going along for 30 – 40 years. Please pray that the Cree community(s) and Churches will get behind the project, so that it can be well-founded. Thank God that we have a young Cree woman as part of our CBS Translation team. She works passionately to see the Cree people have access to the scriptures in print, audio, and other digital formats.

Plains Cree 4 Gospels and Acts

Right now we are working on completing the four Gospels and Acts to get these out in print, in audio, and on digital platforms. We are also working on putting a new translation team together and letting the Cree communities in Saskatchewan and Alberta know about the project.

Plains Cree Mission Literacy Series

[Update to be added soon!]

Plains Cree Bible Reader App

Plains Cree Bible Reader is a beautiful way to read a new translation of Scripture in the Plains Cree language on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Translation work is still in progress, and will be loaded into the Reader as it is completed. Currently the Old Testament book of Ruth, and the New Testament books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and James are included. Watch as the Plains Cree translation takes shape before your eyes! The app puts reading quality first by offering a distraction free reading mode that allows you to focus on the text, with a simple interface for navigation. Quickly switch to night mode with two taps on the screen or change the font size to match your reading preference. We’ve intentionally made the application to have a simple focus on the text. It’s not going to get in your way.

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Cree Bible and CD