A 15-year-old Welsh girl, Mary Jones, walked 28 miles in her bare feet just to buy a bible. That was over 200 years ago. Her story helped lead to the founding of the Bible Society and a commitment to make the Bible available throughout the world.

Life changing… your gift of the Bible

Today, there is a hunger worldwide for the Bible that has never been stronger. That’s why the Canadian Bible Society is dedicated to make the Bible’s message of forgiveness, justice and hope available, understood and respected in every language and culture throughout the world.

We work through a global alliance of some 140 national Bible Societies. Together we provide ‘most of the world’ with more than 300 million Scriptures distributed every year.

Bible-a-Month gifts will be used to promote the Bible through:

Braille Bibles. Around 150 million people in the developing world are blind or visually impaired. The Bible in its traditional form will always be out of their reach.

Audio Bibles. Over 860 million adults worldwide have yet to learn to read. They need a Bible they can hear.

New Translations. 4500 languages still have little or none of the Bible. Millions of people are still waiting for the Bible in their everyday language.

Bibles for Christians in poverty. One billion people are so poor they simply can’t afford a Bible. Canadian Bible Society provides them free or at a reduced cost.

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