Scriptures addressing conflict & violence

Working in: Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Ukraine

Conflict and violence are part of people’s daily lives in some areas of the world such as the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Ukraine. Every day, people live in fear and uncertainty. In times of violence and unrest, God’s Word spreads peace and hope through the following programs and partnerships:

Cambiemos de Arma (Change of Weapon)

In the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Honduras, authorities are doing their best to address the increasing violence on the streets, many of which are gang-related and involve teenagers. To help their governments fight violence on the streets – and homes – the Bible Societies in these countries have implemented “Change of Weapon” programs.

Promotional campaigns encourage people who own weapons of violence (many of which are home-made) to surrender them to assigned drop-off centres in exchange for Bibles. In these centres, they are connected with church workers who follow-up with them and assist them in their spiritual journey.

Soldier reading a Bible

Bibles for Military and Chaplains

Since the conflict started in Eastern Ukraine in 2013, more than 12,000 lives have been lost – including civilians – thousands injured, and over a million people displaced.

Our partnership with the Ukrainian Bible Society focuses on the spiritual needs of frontline soldiers. Many soldiers who have seen battle return home not only with physical wounds but also with deep psychological trauma.

“There were soldiers in the frontline and soldiers in the hospital. When in the front, they were warriors, ready to fight and die. Our goal there was to direct their zeal to reading the Bible. The boys in the hospitals are different – they are broken and wounded. Each of them has both physical and spiritual trauma. Some are upset because of the loss of their friends, some struggle with fears. And it is only the Word of God that encourages them and cures their wounded souls.” — Pastor Vladimir Bolestev

Your gift of $50 can:
  • Put Bibles into the hands of 7 Ukrainian Soldiers
  • Provide 65 people with Scripture portions called Cambiemos de Arma (Change of Weapon)”

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