Eddie the Preacher

Concrete walls and iron bars no longer define the world of one prisoner. In fact, since Eddie gave his life to Christ, his boundless enthusiasm for the Gospel has led many others to the Lord. Prisoners and guards alike love to tell stories about the “Preacher”, as they affectionately call him. Like the time guards ran to his cell because a large group of prisoners had gathered inside. They assumed someone was selling drugs or a fight had broken out. Instead they found the men crowded around Eddie as he read and explained the Bible to them.

It’s interesting how God uses situations for His glory – even our past and forgiven sins. Eddie’s current situation isn’t ideal, but it brought to the surface gifts he had never exercised before. Eddie knows he still has issues to resolve but is confident God will continue to refine his life. Actually, another inmate at the facility can affirm Eddie’s remarkable change of heart. He came to Eddie and said he’d been watching him and wanted to know more about the Bible. It had obviously made an enormous difference in the man he knew before.

It’s been said that God takes the pieces of our broken lives and creates a beautiful stained glass window through which the image of Jesus shines. God is working to reform Eddie into that better image. As the chaplain at Eddie’s prison said, “I’m praying that the K2F Bibles will transform thousands of lives and that men and women will be able to go on to lead positive and constructive lives when they are released. True rehabilitation begins at the foot of the cross.”

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The Canadian Bible Society has a long history of providing scriptures for people in prison. Almost every day, a request is made to a Prison chaplain – and inmates – for a Bible. Read more about the Key to Freedom Bible.

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