God’s Word reaches children in summer camps

The Canadian Bible Society (CBS), through partnership with various Christian organizations, is helping to reach the youth and children with God’s Word in summer camps. Some of the children who attend these camps are considered “unchurched” and the camps are where they learn about Jesus and the Bible for the first time.

One of CBS’ partners, Scripture Union Canada (SU), conducts summer sports camps in various communities across Ontario. Every year, they reach out to hundreds of children, coaching sports and teaching the Bible. CBS provides copies of God’s Game Plan which campers use during their Bible study time.

Recently, SU shared a story from one of their staff:

“My goal for this week of camp was to have a more intimate spiritual conversation with a camper. After praying, it finally came true on the last day of camp. After lunch we handed out the camper Bibles. One of the boys in my small group, who was typically more distracted, less interested and a “trouble-maker”, seemed intrigued but confused by the new books (Bible and Bible reading guide).  I went to him and asked if I could show him how to use them. He was eager to learn. We then went through the first 2 days of the Camper Playbook (Bible reading guide) at his request – including reading the accompanying passages from the Bible, praying, and sharing stories together.” – Matt

Amy Csoke, SU’s Director of Training and Outreach, said, “The Bibles are an important part of camp and we truly appreciate them. We appreciate our partnership with CBS – thanks for helping us connect children with Jesus and His Story.”

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