Grandpa’s New Testament

Jane Gracey, a long time supporters of the Canadian Bible Society, and her sister, Grace Rush, shared how God’s Word protected their grandfather during the war, both spiritually and phsyically:

Edward Forsyth, my maternal grandfather, was a soldier with the Gordon Highlanders (Scottish Regiment) in the Boer War 1899-1902.  Every soldier had been given a New Testament by Queen Victoria. Grandpa kept his NT in the left chest pocket of his uniform.

During the Boer War, Grandpa’s Division was often  under intense fire.  On one occasion Grandpa saw that his General had been injured and he pulled him into a safe area. It was not until later Grandpa discovered that, in fact, a bullet had grazed the NT in his pocket; the NT thereby had prevented Grandpa from being hurt.

Grandpa also signed up for World War I. Considered too old for active duty, his role was to look after the war horses. He kept the same NT with him in that war and if you look at the picture, his left chest pocket contains this precious Book!

Grandpa had indeed the Word of God with him in written form but more importantly he had the Word of God hidden in his heart. He was a member of the Lord’s Army first and foremost.

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