Help a Lost Bible Find Its Way Home

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

TORONTO, Ontario—(Canadian Christian News Service) The Canadian Bible Society, in partnership with the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers – Canada (FCPO) is seeking the public’s assistance to help a lost Bible find its way home.

Even if “home” is at the ends of the Earth.

The Bible in question shows evidence of being dearly loved, a priceless treasure. And when it came into the possession of one of the FCPO’s members, he knew he had to see it safely back into the hands of its owner.

That member is stationed at the Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. He speaks Spanish. So when an airport colleague found a Spanish-language Bible in November 2014 that someone had mistakenly left behind, they turned it over to him.

“The Bible appears to have been cherished and well-read,” says Andy Bigras, Quebec representative for the FCPO. “Since the book came into this member’s possession, he has tried to identify the owner without any success. Understanding how important the Bible is for some people, he feels inspired to see it returned to its owner.”

The member contacted the FCPO who in turn reached out to the Canadian Bible Society for help.

“The best Bible is one that is read and used,” says Don Miller, Director of Canadian Ministry for the CBS. “We simply want to get the word out, to help connect this Bible to its rightful owner.”

“As a former police officer I know how difficult a challenge this will be, but with God all things are possible!” says Bigras. “If you are the owner of this Bible please contact us with a description of it. If you are not the owner, please help us spread the word and join us in prayer that this Bible will be reunited with its owner.”

The Spanish-speaking member has offered to travel anywhere in the world – at his own expense – to personally return the book.

The FCPO created a brief video in English, French, and Spanish and posted it on YouTube with the hopes that it would “go viral” and the owner of the Bible would be found through social media.

Embraced by some cultures, derided and banned by others, the Bible is the most-published, best-selling book in history. Millions of Canadians strongly agree that this unique compilation of ancient works by more than 40 authors, written over a period of about 1,600 years, is relevant to modern life.

The Canadian Bible Society exists to translate (without doctrinal note), to publish, and distribute the Christian Scriptures, and to promote and encourage the use of the Bible, throughout Canada and worldwide in cooperation with members of the United Bible Societies and other organizations.

Anyone with information about the owner of the lost Bible can contact the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers – Canada  (www.fcpocanada.com or fcpo.aapc@gmail.com)

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