Help a Lost Bible Find Its Way Home

The Canadian Bible Society is partnering with the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers – Canada (FCPO) to seek the public’s assistance to help a lost Bible find its way home.

The Bible in question looks like it has been dearly loved and when it came into the possession of a FCPO member, he was deeply moved by its condition and was compelled to do whatever he could to return the lost Bible to its owner. He has pledged to travel anywhere in the world to return the Bible – at his own expense.

That member is stationed at the Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. In addition to English & French, he also speaks Spanish, so when an airport colleague found a Spanish-language Bible that someone had mistakenly left behind in November 2014, they turned it over to him.

The member contacted the FCPO, who then created a brief video in English, French, & Spanish and posted it on YouTube with the hope that it would “go viral” and the owner of the Bible would be found.

We are asking for your help in spreading the word, and sharing this video with anyone and everyone. We’ve all seen the reach social media has and want to tap into that power to help return this lost Bible to its owner. Would you help us?

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