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Help share God’s hope with the people of Syria.

Syria was once the cradle of Christianity, but for the last eight years violent upheaval has ravaged the nation and created the largest refugee crisis in the world. But new hope is rising for those caught in the midst of the violence. Thanks to extraordinary Bible Society projects, God’s Word is reaching thousands of victims and refugees in Syria, Jordan, and right here in Canada!


The civil war in Syria and resulting crisis have devastated millions. It is not an exaggeration to say that most Syrians have witnessed violence, destruction, and suffer from some kind of trauma. Syria stands in desperate need of the peace that only Jesus can bring. Depression, hopelessness, and nightmares grip victims with ferocity. Many refugees urgently need food, medical care, and shelter, along with the Scriptures to heal the immense heartbreak they endure every day.

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The gospel is on the move in Syria and beyond. The demand for Bibles is high. People feel that only the Bible can provide answers in this difficult time, and it is only God who can really meet their needs.

Syria: The Bible Society provides God’s hope through Trauma Healing Centres – healing and rehabilitating the terrible effects of war on people, leading Syrians to life-changing encounters with the Word of God.

Jordan: Thousands of refugees receive food, blankets, clothing and Scriptures. Bible-based Trauma Healing Seminars bring freedom and healing to many hurting families in their time of need.

Canada: CBS has helped welcome thousands of Syrians fleeing the horrors of war by providing resources that present real-life stories of refugees alongside biblical accounts of life-transforming journeys. Two such resources include “On the Road” – a seven chapter booklet that depicts the different stages of the migrant journey through stories of refugees and biblical accounts of God’s people – and “Words that Changed the World” – a booklet based on the Beatitudes that is available in English/Arabic and French/Arabic.

Victims of the Syrian conflict are crying out to God for help. You can share the hope and healing of God’s Word with people in the midst of crisis. Your gift will open a path for thousands to find peace and purpose in Jesus Christ through the Word of God.

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Girl in refugee camp



Christians in Syria suffer from persecution and displacement. The number of Christians has shrunk from 2.5 million to 800,000 believers.


13 million shattered lives. More than half a million people have been killed; almost 7 million refugees have fled Syria and another 6 million people have been displaced within Syria.


75% of those fleeing the conflict are women and children. In some countries where refugees cannot work, these women and children are trafficked for money.


Despite the war, the Bible Society brings 30-40 tons of Bibles and Christian books into Syria each year.